3 Competitive Advantages A Modern Business Phone System Offers

High speed internet is essential to success, but many companies still use their phone system as a crucial link to the outside world. Today’s business phone systems have features most people never thought of ten or twenty years ago. They can provide competitive advantages that make a real daily difference.
This is especially true for enterprises that rely on the phone for prospecting or customer care. The best phone systems provide convenience for your team and those they talk to.

Let’s explore ways a modern business phone system gives you a winning edge:

1. Your Phone System Enhances Your Customer Relationship Management Software
Companies that rely on outreach to potential customers are adopting CRM technology in droves. A CRM suite provides complete visibility into the buyer journey, enabling effective follow-up and personalized communication no matter how many contacts you make.

The challenge: The phone system is often the failure point for a CRM.

Older phone systems operate as a “black box,” offering few insights into who was called, when, by whom, and for how long. Modern business phone systems allow you to pass call information directly to your CRM so you never lose an important detail.

That, in turn, means making more calls and yielding better results from each one.

2. Your Phone System Empowers Your Customer Service Agents To Do Better Work
The most successful companies are committed to a full spectrum approach to customer care.
Today’s customers take it for granted they can seek care through email, chat, online help desk, and even social media. However, many consumers have a preference for phone support. Even if they don’t use it, they want to know it’s there.

By and large, older customers have a stronger slant in favor of telephone support.

Telephone support introduces challenges – and if you don’t measure performance, your team is unlikely to improve. What’s more, a negative customer service experience is one of the biggest predictors that a customer will look to your competitors.

The best phone systems of today provide robust features for monitoring and managing calls so customer service reps and managers can collaborate on problems. These systems also provide a seamless experience recording, evaluating, and escalating calls.

The end result: Things go more smoothly for your customers and reps do better over time.

3. Your Phone System Can Help Prevent Callers from Becoming More Frustrated
By the time someone calls your company, he or she might already be annoyed. After all, most people don’t go to customer service right away, but wait until they encounter a problem that makes it impossible to complete a task they need done right now.

In a situation like that, the last thing you want to do is annoy them more!

The best way to keep customers happy is to give them control: Let them decide whether they want to use self-service or talk to a rep. If they do choose to speak to someone, make sure they get to the right individual the very first time. Your phone system should manage all these issues.
Unfortunately, many older phone systems aren’t compatible with robust Interactive Voice Response or other features that smooth the path. A newer system offers the guideposts callers need to keep them from hanging up – and keep you from getting negative reviews.

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