3 Cutting-Edge IT Solutions Defend You From 2019’s Top Hacking Threats

More businesses are taking action to protect themselves from hackers. Businesses networks are a lucrative target, with the average cost of a data breach in the United States nearing $4 million.
There was a time not too long ago when large businesses were preferred targets for hackers. Now, cybercriminals can launch millions of automated attacks every single day. Likewise, self-propagating computer viruses are more sophisticated than ever.

Good IT solutions are essential in protecting your organization from today’s top threats.

Those threats include:

Phishing is a type of attack where official-looking emails or websites attempt to persuade a user to input sensitive information, especially passwords. Phishing attacks have long been common on the internet at large, but a new generation targets businesses specifically.

In particular, phishing emails have been used to compromise HR departments with attachments that look like unsolicited resumes. Phishing often focuses on non-technical employees who are more likely to comply with a message without investigating its source.

Of all current risks, ransomware is probably the most serious one for businesses and institutions. In a ransomware attack, files on a target computer or network are sealed away using high-level encryption. The encryption is unbreakable without the correct key provided by the hacker.

Ransomware can bring operations to a halt in minutes, making it impossible to carry out even the most basic functions. Because it is so effective, many organizations pay the ransom. Although understandable, this can encourage repeat attacks by other hacking groups.

Worms and Viruses
Viruses and worms are two types of malware that spread throughout a target system without commands or direction from outside. Viruses take control of files on a host system in order to spread faster, while worms do not, making them even more difficult to detect.

Today’s IT solutions have hardened businesses against most viruses and worms. Still, even a relatively simple virus can be disruptive when it first appears. It takes at least several hours, if not days, for antivirus solutions to learn how to deal with novel viruses.

How IT Solutions Protect Your Investment And Give You Peace Of Mind
Although there are many risks, they mostly rely on just a handful of information security loopholes.

IT solutions can counteract each of these, making a data breach much less likely:

Email Monitoring Stops Phishing
It’s not always easy for the human eye to catch signs of a phishing email. Luckily, firewalls and traffic monitoring solutions can recognize them by traffic patterns and other technical tells. The best way to stop phishing is to ensure the email never gets to its intended target.

Patch Management Stops Viruses
Viruses are able to fly under the radar only as long as it takes for antivirus programs to adapt. Not only must every computer have appropriate antivirus, but they should also be updated daily. Patch management ensures that software gets updated as soon as a new version is ready.

Data Backup and Recovery Stops Ransomware
It’s a sad fact that data targeted by ransomware is irretrievable. However, if you have that data backed up, you’ll never need to worry about giving in to hackers’ demands. Likewise, an IT team can optimize your IT infrastructure so that sensitive data is harder for hackers to access.

These are just a handful of the IT solutions Atlantic Communications Team can help you with. To learn more, contact us today.