3 High Speed Internet Applications That Drive Business Success

Modern businesses rely on high speed Internet more than any other IT resource.

Over the last few years, residential and commercial Internet have both accelerated. New technologies constantly replace old ones. It wasn’t that long ago when copper cable was the gold standard for IT applications: Now, fiber optic cabling leverages the speed of light.
Employee productivity is directly connected to Internet speeds. Many personnel are left unable to work if something disrupts their ability to reach the Web, so reliable Internet is one of the most important investments any company can make.

High Speed Internet Applications Define Success In Today’s Workplace
Although you might be able to save a small amount by opting for slower connection speeds, fast business Internet is worth the price. Many valuable business applications are only possible when consistent high speeds are attainable.

For example:

Videoconferencing is the best way to make certain stakeholders can connect on a personal level without shouldering all the costs involved in travel. It ensures that teams from all over the country – or even all around the world – can work together efficiently and avoid communication problems.

Videoconferencing can also be helpful in qualifying leads, performing sales calls, and supporting client personnel. Many people find a video call easier to follow than written instructions or a phone call. It’s a perfect compromise when remote access to a client’s computer hardware is not feasible.

Streaming is the ideal solution for any one-to-many communication challenge. Many enterprises are using streaming to help their employees engage in lifelong learning. It can give motivated team members the knowledge they need to contribute more and, ultimately, to achieve more in their careers.

Streaming can empower you to keep your workforce up to date on emerging challenges requiring many employees to process and implement new information quickly. For example, it can be a good adjunct to other methods when you are preparing for a safety audit or other compliance challenge.

Remote Work
High speed Internet is the most efficient way to access international talent pools. Many knowledgeable workers operating worldwide have the skill to contribute to your goals – but they may be based thousands of miles away. High speed Internet allows them to collaborate with you as if they were around the corner.

Your domestic workforce can benefit as well. If your company is growing fast, increasing your office footprint may be an ill-timed expense. At a fraction of the cost, you can give more of your employees the opportunity to work from home, keeping productivity steady while raising morale.

Software development, marketing, and manufacturing are just three of the many areas where this distributed employment model is becoming more commonplace. High speed Internet is the key to driving down the cost of top-tier talent while equipping all your hires to succeed.

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