3 Ways High Speed Internet Is Transforming Florida Business Strategy Today

Everywhere you look, businesses and the community are working together to make high speed internet a reality. 2020 has seen an unprecedented outpouring of investment into the latest high speed internet technologies for libraries, schools, and much more.
In a climate where broadband is poised to become the norm for thousands more Americans, it’s time for businesses to take a second look at the fastest internet technologies. High speed internet is becoming a competitive advantage Florida businesses can’t afford to miss out on.

Let’s look at three ways it’s poised to change business strategy:

1. High Speed Internet Is Now The Key To Unlocking Truly Significant Savings
Faster internet isn’t just about day to day tasks: It’s about the strategic potential of collaboration.

More businesses are moving toward a distributed workplace model where working together at a distance will be the norm. The 2010s were characterized by a shift toward co-working: Now, the focus is new and better ways to enable working from home. The potential is astronomical.

Telecommuting means that teams around the world can work together as if they were face to face. This will cause many businesses to scale back their office footprint, especially in light of the need for enhanced building maintenance and sanitation measures at far reduced capacity.

While most businesses see payroll as their major expense, office space is never far behind.

Cutting the number of employees in a space 30% while paying higher commercial rents won’t make financial sense for many small and mid-sized Florida enterprises. On the other hand, an internet-focused strategy allows more people to share the space using staggered shifts.

As companies test out best practices for the new era, many of them will find that old-fashioned office-based collaboration is a bottleneck to productivity. Some companies have already reported greater clarity on goals, a focus on end results, and fewer “all hands” meetings. Plus, it is easier to access contract employees who do not require the same overhead as full-time team members.

However, telecommuting will add more strain on your network in proportion to the number of people doing it. A combination of high speed internet at the office and cloud-based IT services will ensure you can move seamlessly to a decentralized workplace experience.

2. High Speed Internet Gives Companies Like Yours More Clout in the Job Market
Challenging times are ahead for many people in today’s job market. Florida businesses may now receive dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of applications when they open desirable jobs.

Many companies are battening down the hatches and preparing to sift through all those offers. Others are taking a modern approach by using high speed internet to shape human resources.

By getting geographical distance out of the way, high speed internet unlocks the potential of talent markets throughout Florida and around the United States. At the same time, it provides you with the key you need to ensure you can shape online discussion of your brand.

While some hiring managers are getting ready to read resumes, others are using their broadband internet to support more proactive hiring policies. It’s now possible to use telepresence to set up new employee interviews at the push of a button. Even group interviewing has become easier.

An online interview can be faster and more convenient than conventional alternatives:

  • It reduces travel and makes it more likely that participants will arrive on time
  • It allows prospective employees to demonstrate fluency in modern technology
  • Interviews can be recorded for future review during the rest of the hiring process
  • Decision-makers do not need to gather in one place to participate in interviews

Rather than subjecting businesses to a deluge of unqualified or underqualified applicants, high speed internet provides the assets needed to take control of human capital. Plus, it enables your prospective employees to demonstrate soft skills, including their ability to follow directions, which can be difficult to measure in a traditional interview.

3. High Speed Internet Protects the Rest Of Your Business Infrastructure From Attack
In the midst of tectonic shifts for businesses, employees, and consumers, unscrupulous characters are still hard at work trying to take advantage of the confusion. Analysts report an unprecedented spike in online attacks aimed predominantly at personnel working from home.

The volume of hacker attacks has consistently increased in recent years as more of these attacks are now automated. Entire “botnets” consisting of thousands of compromised computers can now be used to attack business networks and disrupt operations. Large enterprises can attract tens of thousands of attacks daily. Smaller companies are now targeted by a growing share.

The sole motivation behind the vast majority of attacks is monetary gain in the form of extortion or data theft.

Some of the highest profile attacks against Florida businesses, hospitals, universities, and other institutions in recent years have taken the form of “ransomware,” where key business data is rendered inaccessible using encryption. Equipping your business with faster internet enables a more robust data backup policy and cloud storage so these attacks are rendered moot.
Speed is also an essential factor in getting more value from managed IT services.

Automated network monitoring, anti-virus protection, patch management, and other services are all facilitated through business-class internet speeds. Many software applications are designed with these in mind, so working with slower speeds can cause unintended effects – reducing your level of defense. This is a fact software vendors often fail to publicize in their product specs.

In today’s threat environment, businesses are absorbing more security overhead in the form of data breach insurance and much more. Combining high speed internet with state of the art threat protection measures can save you millions of dollars and help you maintain the trust of your customers, employees, and investors.

High Speed Internet Offers the Strategic Flexibility Your Business Deserves
It wasn’t that long ago when the fastest internet speeds were considered a novelty. Overnight, they are being discussed in terms of their importance to the biggest social investments made by our communities. It’s time for Florida companies of all sizes to seize the initiative.

Since the start of the modern internet, Atlantic Communications Team has been working hard to empower Florida businesses with strategic technology that redefines the possible. No matter the size or complexity of your business, we can design a flexible network that scales with you.

The centerpiece of that network, now and in the future, is high speed internet. We install the on-site T1 equipment that will provide you with the fastest business-class connections around. We also ensure your entire network is designed to be extensible and easy to upgrade and defend.

Don’t wait another day: Our experts will learn about your business and craft a package of solutions that keeps you in the fast lane in today’s changing Florida business environment. Your technology strategy has never been more vital to your market success than it is today.

To find out more or get started with high speed internet, contact us today.