3 Ways To Take Your Business Phone System From “Good Enough” to Great

Business leaders are always looking for new ways to optimize. A relatively small tweak in how things are done can have a compounding positive effect over time. Those advantages build up. When push comes to shove, they make a winning difference.
That’s why, even when you’re satisfied with your current technologies, it’s always a good idea to take a closer look at what you could be doing differently.

Not every enterprise is in the market for a new business phone system, for example. If you’re in a consolidating stage, your current system probably isn’t being overwhelmed by calls. You may have the voice quality you expect and the basic features you need.

But could your phone system be doing more for you? Odds are the answer is yes!

3 Premium Features For Your Business Phone System
What if you could make a few targeted changes that would save team members’ time each day? Or improve, on average, the customer experience during every call? You’d raise productivity and customer satisfaction at a fraction of the cost of a new system.

Let’s look at some ways to do it:

1. Make “On Hold” More Pleasant With Music Or Advertising
Let’s face it: Nobody likes to be put on hold. Sometimes, though, there’s no alternative. With music or custom advertising on hold, you don’t have to leave your customers in silence. Music can improve their mood and advertising can open the door to cross-selling or upselling.

2. Raise Customer Service Standards With Call Recording
Call recording is essential to helping customer service representatives hone their skills over time. In some industries, it’s crucial to security and compliance. A centralized call recording solution can ensure you capture all the data you want from each call while respecting privacy rules.

3. Illuminate Your Strategic Decisions With Call Analysis
Data is indispensable to making the right business decisions. Call reporting and analytics will extend your ability to capture data into your phone system. Accurate analysis of call volume and outcomes can control cost, prevent fraud, and highlight workforce opportunities.

Better Phone Features Can Impress Customers And Team Members Alike
A business phone system is one of your vital links to the outside world. Every day, it affects both your customers and team members in ways that aren’t always obvious.

A better phone system can reduce turnover in customer service and help desk representatives. This ensures they can sharpen the skills they need to generate even more value for your business. It also keeps you out of costly and time-consuming hiring processes for new staff.

And, of course, your ability to handle calls is one of the ways the world will judge your brand. A poor telephone experience is one of the biggest factors in customers taking a second look at your competitors. That’s true even if they’ve been with you a long time.

Get The Most From Your Telephone System With Atlantic Communications Team
At Atlantic Communications Team, we have decades of expertise in business telephony, high speed internet, and that all-important interface between the two. We’ll help you discover the many ways your phone system can work even harder.

From a simple business phone upgrade to a complete replacement, we have the skills to bring your technology to the next level without disrupting your operations.

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