4 Business Phone System Features That Create Real Competitive Advantages

Even though so much of modern commerce has moved online, a business phone system is still essential. The right business phone system facilitates effective, personalized customer service. It is the cornerstone of a professional and trustworthy image to show the world.
In short, high speed Internet is important, but your phone system is your identity when others reach out to you.

Still, choosing a business phone system hasn’t gotten easier. There are more options out there than ever before. Systems may operate on different technologies and have radically different features. So, how do you know what matters most for your business?

Your Business Phone System Can Give You a Leg Up on the Competition
When you think about it, your in-house phone network is one of the most versatile tools that your business has. It can do all of these things:

  • Help you resolve customer service issues and build up loyalty.
  • Help you connect with prospective customers and serve them.
  • Put employees in contact with each other to do the day’s work.
  • Ensure you can reach out to vendors and partners when needed.
  • Give you a way to respond to urgent requests and issues fast.

From that perspective, it becomes much more obvious how to build business value into your phone system – and it turns into a strategic purchasing choice.
These modern phone features will help you reach your enterprise goals more easily:

1. Failover
Failover refers to the ability of a system to instantly activate extra capacity when a spike in usage would normally cause performance degradation or system failure. In layman’s terms, nobody wants to see their calls dropped or incorrectly routed just because lots of calls came in at once. These errors just compound delays and other problems, but failover can prevent them.

2. Scalability
Voice Over IP phone systems – usually called VoIP – use an existing Internet connection to route and process calls. One reason VoIP is becoming so popular with business is that the process of connecting a new device or user is seamless. This ensures your phone network can always meet your changing needs. You never have to worry about, for example, laying more cable just to serve a new office.

3. Unified User Management
Like every other aspect of your communications infrastructure, your phone system is used by different people with different jobs to do. Keeping your resources safe usually means giving each person the lowest access levels necessary. User management should be simple, letting you add and revoke privileges fast while providing a streamlined, common user experience to everyone.

4. Simplicity
When a system is too complicated, many of its features will go unused. That means basic jobs may get done, but the true power of the technology stays untapped beneath the surface. The best business telephone systems are intuitive, letting users quickly pick up what they need to know while delivering a menu of advanced features like call analytics and unified messaging.

When picking out a business telephone suite, remember to look to the future as well as present needs. Features that are just “nice to have” today quickly turn into “must have” when growth is strong or competition is fierce. With these four items in mind, you’ll be off to a great start.

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