4 Ways A Business Phone System Improves Quality At Your Workplace

When companies consider a new business phone system, usual reasons involve incoming customer calls. The existing system may not handle call volume well or might not provide tools needed to offer superior service.
As crucial as this is, though, it’s only one rationale for a business phone system. The right new system can add value in many ways, making it easier for teams to perform at their best.

Despite all the changes in technology over the last two decades, the phone is still one of the most powerful collaboration tools available for business. By implementing an all-new phone system, you can tap your company’s full potential.

Here’s how:

1. Faster Onboarding Of Your New Customer Service Reps
Customer service reps in call center environments have some of the highest turnover rates of any enterprise job. No matter the setting, however, reps depend on an excellent phone to succeed. A new business phone system can empower them with more data to get up to speed faster.

For example, the best modern phone systems include detailed call analytics. You will be able to see at a glance how long a call took, when and where it was transferred, and how the issue was resolved. This granular data enables you to aim for better customer service metrics.

2. Easier And More Effective Training Of Sales Personnel
The sales equation includes product knowledge, customer knowledge, and the craft of selling. A better phone system can help you with two out of three – by evaluating recorded calls, you can be sure you capture the nuances of what current and future customers are telling you.

The right phone system captures and centralizes this data so senior sales professionals can more effectively mentor their junior colleagues. Not only that, but it helps your enterprise follow the regulations around telephone recording by making callers aware in advance.

3. Improved Opportunities To Optimize Human Resources
Who is doing the best work among your customer service reps, sales pros, and others who rely on the phone system? Business telephony will help you pinpoint high performers who might be due for further training, additional responsibilities, or even a nice raise.

In many organizations, employees wonder about the merits of supervisor evaluations and if the feedback is really useful. A phone system can provide concrete information for more precise feedback and actionable plans to improve – just the thing to reduce turnover.

4. Stress-Free Collaboration Around The Office And The World
With voice over IP, the business telephone system takes the leap into a new era of collaboration. VoIP systems serve as the backbone of integrated teleconferencing services that are easier to use.

VoIP business telephones also have superior call quality compared to older models. This is great if you need to be sure everyone can communicate – from the C-suite to your remote workforce.

Voice, mobility, messaging, presence, conferencing, and collaboration can all be tied into one unified system that’s a snap to administer, so you won’t need a team of specialists to manage it.

Plus, VoIP is more resilient and reliable than conventional phone systems. Even if you find yourself flooded with calls, you’ll still be able to use the advanced features that set the system apart.

No matter what size your business is or how demanding its needs, Atlantic Communications Team will craft a system that adds value throughout your organization. Contact us today.