4 Ways To Get The Most From Your Internet Speed

A lot of companies try to sell you on their high speed internet packages, but that’s not always what you end up getting. If you don’t feel like you’re seeing the internet speeds you’re paying for, there are ways to speed things up on your end before taking the more drastic step of finding a new internet provider.
Here are some simple troubleshooting steps you can take to make sure your internet speed isn’t being negatively affected by anything on your end:

Turn It Off And Back On Again
This classic IT joke exists for a reason. Sometimes all you have to do is restart the piece of technology that is giving you problems. In the case of your internet, this would be the modem and router, and maybe even your computer just for good measure. Turning it off and back on will cause the internet to restart and your devices to reconnect. This simple step can often speed up your connection.

Avoid Unnecessary Streaming
Listening to music through streaming services like Spotify or watching Netflix on your breaks might help productivity, but it can also clog up your internet unnecessarily. By checking on what devices are using the internet when things seem slow, you can make sure your business meeting via video chat doesn’t lag because of someone else’s playlist.

Clear Your Cache
Your computer and other devices could be moving slowly due to the volume of data that’s being stored in your cache. Clearing your browser’s cache regularly takes just a few minutes, but is a super simple way to speed your computer up a bit.

Monitor Your Internet Speed
The best way to find out whether or not you’re actually getting the speeds you’ve signed up for is to do a quick speed test. Try a few different ones to make sure the results are consistent, then consider contacting your internet provider if the results aren’t what you were promised.

Sometimes slow internet is just a matter of simply troubleshooting to get back to your regular speeds, and sometimes there’s a flaw on the part of your provider. At Atlantic Communications Team we understand the vital role that quality internet speeds play in your business. Slow or dropped internet doesn’t just affect productivity, it can also be embarrassing when you’re in the middle of a client meeting. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help your business get back up to speed.