5 Businesses That Should Invest In Sound Masking Fast

Sound masking is a terrific way to boost productivity at the office. It uses discreet digital speakers that emit low-level white noise during the workday. These are placed all around the workspace and require very little in the way of maintenance or adjustments.
The white noise is barely perceptible in and of itself. During the hustle and bustle of the day, it disappears entirely, secretly “masking” louder noises. This makes it much easier to concentrate.
Both high- and low-decibel environmental noises are more tolerable with masking.

Sound masking is especially useful as offices become crowded. Naturally, it’s ideal for everyone to have a defined work area with plenty of open space. If fast growth makes this impossible, it’s a great way to stretch your resources.

It’s also effective in offices that have an open floor plan. Noise tends to carry in these situations, so every little bit of prevention helps. If you’re in an office that has an echo or other annoying acoustic qualities, masking is a sure bet.

But there are also industries that can benefit from it on an operational level:

1. Healthcare Offices – Especially Those With Multiple Practitioners
Many healthcare environments include relatively small suites shared by several practitioners – chiropractic clinics and some mental health offices, for example. Aggressive sound masking in and around shared areas can help ensure that patient privacy will be protected. Although it cannot be relied on to ensure confidentiality, it is one more way to protect patients.

2. Law Offices
When a client signs on with a law firm, the attorney-client privilege generally extends to all the members of the firm. Even so, clients are right to be diligent about their privacy. Law offices should invest in sound masking in shared office areas, hallways, and especially in lobbies. This makes it far less likely that privileged conversations will be overheard, even by accident.

3. Accountants And Other Financial Planners
Although most financial details aren’t quite as sensitive as those in healthcare, they are still held to strict confidentiality standards. Any time finances are discussed, it’s best to have multiple layers of protection in place. After all, many clients see their finances as an integral part of both their social standing and their identity – identity theft and embarrassment are both worries!

4. Engineering Or Other STEM Endeavors
If you’re involved in research, planning, or fabrication of products related to aerospace or defense, sound masking is just one more way you can strengthen your credentials. Demanding clients in these industries look for vendors who take privacy obligations seriously. Simply letting the wrong details be overheard could lead to damaging industrial espionage.

5. Libraries And Educational Facilities
Learners of all ages and backgrounds have at least one thing in common: They need to be able to concentrate if they’re going to remember anything. Sound masking is just one more way you can provide for the needs of a learning community and make it easier to use a space in various ways: Both individuals and groups can be accommodated more easily.

No matter how you slice it, there’s more than one business case for sound masking.

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