5 Questions To Ask About IT Solutions Going Into The Next Decade

2020 is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to look ahead to the future of your business. No matter what your background or industry, the arrival of 2020 is likely to stir some big emotions. It’s easy to feel reflective, not only saying goodbye to the year but to an eventful decade.
Now’s the time to think about your business and its goals. No matter what path you choose to take in the coming decade, IT solutions are sure to be a big part of your strategy.

5 Important Questions You Need To Ask About Your IT Solutions For 2020
As time goes on, your needs change – but those changes aren’t always reflected in your IT solutions. It’s a good idea to get together with your technology team and map the road ahead as it relates to any new IT investments.

The essential questions to ask include:

1. Where Is IT Performance Falling Short Right Now?
Many factors affect IT. You might find yourself with a performance shortfall if your online applications are running too slowly. Or you may be in need of features you don’t yet have access to. Knowing where you have room for improvement helps you define problems effectively. By measuring disruption caused by those issues, you can prioritize what needs immediate attention.

2. What Is Our Current Outlook For Growth?
As you consider ways to address IT woes, remember to look toward the future. A solution that works at your current size and scope can fall short a year or two later. Think in terms of any new locations you plan to open and how many people you expect to onboard in the coming year. IT solutions must be robust (effective and fault-tolerant) and scalable (able to grow with you).

3. Is Our Current IT Security Posture Working?
Security will continue to be a major concern in coming years. Hacker attacks are becoming much more sophisticated and disruptive. Thousands of automated attacks are launched every hour. This threat landscape demands a multi-pronged approach to data defense. That should include a perimeter firewall, antivirus, patch management, and appropriate security training for your teams.

4. Is It Time To Shift To Managed IT Services?
When businesses build an internal IT team, that talent comes at a premium. Not only do you have to hire your own personnel, but keep them trained and work hard to retain them. A good IT pro always has other offers. Managed IT services give you the world-class technology posture without the cost or aggravation. That can be the ticket to competing with much larger rivals.

5. What’s Our Disaster Recovery Process?
If the worst happens and your business absorbs a devastating attack, what do you do next? It can take months to craft a complete business continuity strategy, but it starts with something much more basic: Managed backup. Managed backup of your data ensures that no matter what assets are lost or compromised, you can restore files and get back to business as quickly as possible.

Atlantic Communications Team Helps You Get Ready For 2020 And Beyond
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