5 Things To Know About VoIP Office Phone Systems

What would you say the most important tools in your office are? Surely, your office phone system belongs on this list. It’s what your employees use to communicate with customers and with each other. Why, then, do many business owners insist on using outdated, obsolete phone technology? In many cases, they simply don’t know what a modern phone system could offer to their business.
Here are 5 things that you should know about modern VoIP phone systems:

1. They’re Very Flexible
One of the main advantages of VoIP is in its flexibility. With a VoIP office phone system, adding multiple new users is often as easy as a remote software update. Speaking of software updates, traditional landline phones are more difficult to upgrade with new features as this generally requires completely new hardware to be developed. VoIP phones can continue getting useful updates for years without the necessity of buying expensive new hardware.

2. They Do Require Some Hardware
Although they allow you to utilize your existing internet connection to make calls, most VoIP phone systems still require some extra hardware to work. This hardware can either be hosted on-site or at another location to save room. Of course, this hardware is also vulnerable to the same daily wear-and-tear that traditional landline phones are — there’s no escaping that.

3. They Open Up New Avenues For Your Employees
There are a number of features available with VoIP that would be much more expensive or difficult to set up with traditional landline phones. One class of features that VoIP truly excels at is remote features. Telecommuting, virtual phone lines, and cloud voicemail services make working at home or on the go easier than ever before.

4. You Can Get Everything Under One Payment
With most providers, the software, hardware, and extensive feature set of VoIP phones are bundled into one monthly payment. That means no paying extra every time you want to use a feature or paying one fee to get the hardware and another to install it. This saves you time, money, and makes your accountants job just a little bit easier.

5. They’re Just As Reliable As Landline
VoIP has a bad reputation for being unreliable and unsecured. While it’s true that at one point VoIP was less reliable and less secure than your typical landline phone, those days are long gone. Advances in technology have given VoIP phones the security and stability to compete with — and often surpass — landline phones. Modern VoIP phone systems are just as reliable and just as secure.

Far from being a novelty, modern VoIP office phone systems are extremely reliable and for many businesses they are the most economical choice. They’re less expensive, they come with a number of features that are difficult to find in landline phones, and they have the flexibility to grow and change alongside your business. So, next time you need to upgrade your office phone system, don’t hesitate to consider VoIP.

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