5 Ways A Modern Business Phone System Is Better Than Ever

A modern business telephone system does its work so well, it’s easy to imagine the whole process is simple. However, business phone technology has been advancing rapidly. A phone is no longer just a phone, but an integrated part of your business technology stack.
Many of our customers ask us why they might need a new business phone system. What could they be missing out on? Unfortunately, there are few places to find out about business phones – not surprising when consumer smartphones have become so impressive in their own right.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes today’s business phone systems different:

1. Smart Infrastructure That Works Together Between Multiple Offices
The bigger your enterprise is, the more severe the cascade effect if your technology starts to fail. The best business phone systems work together to provide redundancy in case service disruption strikes part of your network. That’s crucial if you have multiple offices or a major call center.

2. Unified, System-Wide Experience For Different Phone Users
Like the rest of your technology, your phone should offer a good user experience. Group-based, pre-programmed settings allow users to get started fast no matter their role. Of course, you can tweak and customize those settings to your liking as you become familiar with various features.

3. Growth-Focused Scalable Architecture To Meet Your Needs
There is no point in paying for a system more complex than you need. Taking a cue from today’s cloud IT services, business phone systems are incremental. That is, your system grows in a granular way based on your needs so you pay only for what you actually use.

4. Enhanced Mobile Compatibility And Applications
Naturally, not everyone will spend all day in the office. Sales pros and other frequent travelers will love to leverage a full range of mobile applications. Phone integration with your favorite productivity apps and Customer Relationship Management suite is easy.

5. Easy Configuration From Just One Interface
The days of individually configuring devices are over – and with good reason. No matter whether you have five, 50, or 500 end points, you can configure the network from a single administration panel. This is great for ensuring enterprise-wide compliance with usage policies.

Wondering Where To Start? Meet The NEC SV9100 Business Telephone System
There are many different phone systems out there, and odds are good several of them will meet your needs. However, the UNIVERGE NEC SV9100 is a great place to start.

Designed for small and mid-sized businesses, it empowers you with all of the features listed above. It comes in two varieties to meet your exact needs:

  • SV9100E: A complete unified communication suite built on IP-based services.
  • SV9100S: A streamlined system that provides the basics and grows with you.

The SV9100S is optimized as a launch pad to the SV9100E – switching over is a snap. With that in mind, many organizations start out with the SV9100S so they can field test features.

The age of the telephone is far from over. Just like in the consumer world, what a business telephone system can do has evolved. We will work with you to redefine the possible.

Comparing and choosing a business phone solution is often challenging. Our team can help by performing an evaluation on your enterprise to determine exactly which option meets your needs.

To learn more, contact us at Atlantic Communications Team.