5 Ways To Get The Most From High Speed Internet At Your Business

For businesses, high speed internet isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Increasing your internet speed can bring an immediate boost to your company’s productivity. It’s simply easier to get things done: You spend less time waiting around and more time on high-value tasks.
But maintaining optimal performance takes some forethought.

People are still people, even at faster speeds. They may be tempted to misuse your high speed internet in ways that will reduce performance for other users or create risk around your sensitive data.

High speed internet is so important even the U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing millions in it. To get the most value from it, though, it should always be used responsibly.

Here’s how to make it work better for you:

1. Implement Anti-Virus Protection
Viruses can cause connections to slow down by attacking the computer hardware and software your business uses. This can result in “junk traffic” slowing down your internet speeds or even reduce the performance of crucial hardware components, like the processor that serves as the brain of each computer. A centrally-managed antivirus solution protects all of your devices.

2. Use Better Email Management
You can tackle the issue of internet performance from two directions. One way is to reduce usage of the most resource-intensive applications, like video. The other is to focus on the apps that employees spend most of their time on: #1 on the list is email.

Proactive email management reduces time wasted sorting through messages, searching for conversations, and managing the details of contact lists. Email filtering tools can also remove infected file attachments and trash scam emails before they reach anyone’s inbox.

3. Uplevel Your PC And Mac Support
It’s not all in your head: Certain internal issues can make it impossible for computers to use the full power of their high speed internet connection. Continuous monitoring and support can tip you off when a real issue is starting to impact performance. Managed IT services ensure you always have access to an expert who understands how to solve the issue fast.

4. Train Employees To Recognize Security Issues
Information security isn’t just for the help desk. Everyone in the organization should know the basics. That means understanding how to choose a good password, secure your devices, avoid suspicious apps and sites, and recognize “phishing” emails. These emails often seem to come from a legitimate source and ask for confidential details, such as username and password.

5. Accelerate Your Servers And Internal Connections
When most business leaders think of high speed internet, they think of the connection between their company and the outside world. There’s another vital piece in the puzzle: The servers within your own network that provide access to critical data and software. Servers are often a weak link that slows down daily tasks. Make them more efficient with better networking solutions.

At Atlantic Communications Team, High Speed Internet Is Only The Beginning
Atlantic Communications Team is the managed IT provider known for empowering businesses all throughout Florida with ultra-fast T1 internet connections. Speed is key, but we believe in a total package that maximizes value from all your technology.

No matter your company’s size, industry, or needs, we can help you reach the untapped potential of your technology. Contact us today to learn more about the best high speed internet and much more.