6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Sound Masking

Noise reduction technology has made great strides. What used to be simple white noise played over speakers has evolved into a much more sophisticated and effective method of reducing noise while increasing privacy in the workplace. Here are 6 reasons why your business should consider sound masking.
1. It Protects Workplace Privacy
Sound masking technology adapts its frequency to that of human speech, completely obscuring conversations. That means that past a certain vicinity, no one will be able to hear what you’re saying. This ensures that employees conversing with each other or making sensitive phone calls no longer need to worry about accidentally divulging private or sensitive information.

2. It Makes Employees More Comfortable
Many employees feel stressed out and on edge in the workplace due to all the noise surrounding them — and a perceived lack of privacy doesn’t help either. It’s stressful having to self-regulate your conversations because you’re worried somewhat might overhear. Sound masking allows employees to feel more at ease in their workplace, both because environmental noise is reduced and because their own noise is masked.

3. It Improves Productivity
Privacy is essential to productivity. Having to constantly look over your shoulder or control your speaking volume when communicating with team members can slow progress down to a crawl. By effectively masking the sound in your office, employees can always feel safe communicating. When they can communicate with each other clearly and without pause or apprehension, this increases their productivity.

4. It Protects Customers
Customers need privacy too. Even if you don’t directly deal with customers most of the time, you may still get the occasional phone call from someone requesting support or inquiring about your services. They may have to share sensitive, personal information and you don’t want that falling into the wrong hands. Whether it’s another nosy customer or an employee who just doesn’t need to know, sound masking can ensure that your customers information is only shared with the employee they’re speaking to.

5. It Keeps Private Meetings Private
Your private meetings are private for a reason. Not every employee needs to be privy to everything going on at the company. You may think that a private meeting space would be enough, but you would be surprised at how far sound can carry — even when you’re behind closed doors. It can travel quite far through vents, thin walls, and glass panes. You could go through the effort of soundproofing everything, but that’s expensive and time-consuming. Sound masking ensures that no information makes it out of your private meeting rooms without breaking your budget.

6. It’s Better Than Alternative Methods
Many businesses already know the value of having privacy in the workplace, but they go about it using methods that are ineffective or counterproductive. White noise is nothing more than an annoyance that barely improves privacy in the workplace. Soundproofing is expensive and loses its effectiveness as soon as you alter the office layout. Pumping music through the speakers is just another distraction for employees. Only sound masking can really introduce privacy into the workplace without all the hassle associated with these other methods.

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