7 Unique Office Phone System Features

These features don’t always come standard with office phone systems, but they can be very useful to have. Here are 7 unique features to look out for when choosing your next office phone system.
1. Cell Phone Integration
These days everyone has a cell phone. And why not? They are extraordinarily convenient. Some business phone systems allow you to integrate your cell phone into the system. That means stepping out and being able to use your cell phone much in the same way as you would your desk phone. No having to deal with a completely separate work cell phone with a different number. This makes it easier for you and for your clients.

2. Voicemail To Email
Checking voicemails can still feel somewhat antiquated with some phone systems. You have to go into your phone, navigate through a clumsy menu, listen to to the entire voicemail without the ability to skim or get to the important details. Voicemail to email automatically translates the content of a voicemail and sends it to your email address. This is much more convenient and it fits in better with the way most employees are working these days.

3. Call Recording
There are a number of reasons why you would want to record calls. For safety purposes, legal purposes, training purposes or simply for posterity’s sake. Office phone systems with built in call recording make this easy to do. Even if you aren’t in a business that would typically need to record calls, having backups may really come in handy one day.

4. Intercom
Office phones with intercom allow you to make announcements through your employees desk phones. This is great for when an email announcement isn’t immediate enough and it saves you from having to install an actual intercom system in your office.

5. Call Flip
Call flip allows you to seamlessly transfer calls between your desk phone, cell phone, or computer. In the middle of a phone call and need to get up and check something in another room? Maybe you got an important call just as you were on your way out? No problem, just transfer the call to your cell phone and you’re completely mobile.

6. Call Park
With call park you can “park” a phone call and then resume it from any desk phone in your system. This is like putting a call on hold, but it’s often much simpler to do. Call park can also come with advanced security methods such as private park locations, ensuring that only certain people can have access to these parked calls.

7. Local Numbers
If you do business across state lines, it can often pay off to have some sort of presence in areas where you aren’t physically located. Some office phone systems allow you to do this by setting up phone numbers with local area codes. These numbers can establish you as a local business while redirecting calls back to your actual location.

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