A Cloud-Based Business Phone System Is Set To Dominate In 2020 And Beyond

Is your business in the cloud? Most businesses have adopted some form of cloud computing for their IT solutions. However, many business leaders don’t know they can get these benefits for their phones.
A business phone system isn’t as simple as the desk phones of yore. Premise-based phone solutions can be very effective, but many businesses find cloud is the right move for them.

What Makes A Cloud-Based Business Phone System Better?
To understand why cloud is the perfect fit for business telephony, let’s review some basics.

Cloud services “exist” in a distributed network outside your corporate network. This software and data is accessible any time, from anywhere. The cloud provider handles all the security and architecture. You, in turn, get a seamless experience.

The cloud is the ideal solution for large, distributed teams that work from many locations.

Over time, many network services have gone to the cloud. For example, you can have remote network monitoring where security professionals are always watching your network for attacks.

Many software providers have also moved to a cloud-focused distribution model. This helps their customers because it means end users don’t have to worry about updating software constantly.

Every time you need a service, it’s updated, secure, and ready.

That’s the promise of the cloud.

In a business phone system, it brings your capabilities to the next level:

1. Easy Operation Across Multiple Locations
One of the biggest advantages of a cloud-based phone system is the fact you do not have to worry about additional cabling services. Cloud telephony can be deployed in any location where a business-class internet connection is already available. This significantly reduces the time it takes to stand up a new office, cutting it from weeks or days down to hours or minutes.

2. Flexible Service For Demanding Situations
Is your call volume inconsistent? Do you have lulls in call volume followed by substantial peaks that strain your current resources? Cloud offers the solution. With cloud, your capacity to take on additional call volume grows on demand. Call routing and failover are provided by the dynamic logic of your phone system, so dropped or missed calls are unlikely even at unprecedented usage.

3. Extraordinary Voice Over IP (VoIP) Quality
Traditionally, telephone voice data has been carried over copper wiring and thought of as “analog” data as opposed to the digital data that underpins most business operations. This is starting to shift with Voice Over IP: A crisp, clear, reliable solution that treats voice calls as data. Done right, the quality is truly second to none.

4. A Variety Of Complementary Telecom Services
Business systems don’t rely on any single solution alone. To the contrary, a variety of tools must be available at all times. The best cloud business phone systems offer mobility, messaging, presence, and conferencing. Options are also available for operating a call center. Cloud truly shines in ensuring all these services provide robust, secure features every time.

5. Constant Alignment With No Business Disruption
The fundamental problem most enterprises have with phone systems is that the system has not scaled with their needs. Any cloud-based service is designed to grow with you. Your cloud business phone system expands instantly as your needs change – while ensuring you don’t pay for any resources you don’t use. And it all happens behind the scenes.

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