Allow Your Team to Communicate From Anywhere with Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Allow Your Team to Communicate From Anywhere with Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Versatile communication infrastructure is more important now than ever.

Central Florida businesses that want to have the biggest impact need to link their team and customers with the right technology. No matter whether someone is working from the office, remotely from home, or anywhere in the world, you have the tools to collaborate effectively.

It all starts with a cloud-based phone system.

Why a Cloud-Based Phone System Is the Best Bet for Your Business

The cloud is nearly ubiquitous in today’s world of work. No matter if you’re in a high-tech industry or a more traditional one, odds are good that some of your data passes through the cloud every day. The cloud is a general term for a globally distributed computer network that makes data available anywhere.

No longer is it necessary to confine your data to a single physical hard drive on a server that resides in your office. Instead, you can summon your data from anywhere and receive it in seconds. Likewise, you can access critical business infrastructure, like applications, around the world.

Employees love the cloud because it ensures they have the resources they need to reach their goals no matter where they are. Business leaders love it because use-driven pricing reduces expenses and the security overhead of maintaining physical infrastructure is left to the cloud provider.

That same convenient and efficient approach can now apply to your phone system.

Your business phone system is one of your most important links to the outside world. It is every bit as necessary as high-speed internet. Many of your customers, especially elders, prefer a voice call when they need information from you. Likewise with contractors and business partners.

A cloud-based business phone system extends your reach by modernizing your phone system. It delivers features that an ordinary, old-fashioned phone system can’t, and does so at a fraction of the price. You’ll never need to worry about whether or not your phone system can handle your needs at peak demand.

What Features Can You Expect from a Cloud-Based Phone System?

A cloud-based phone system is the fastest and most effective way to unite your voice communications with your data. You no longer need to feel like your business telephone is a black box that doesn’t help you move your work forward. Now, it produces data of its own for continuous improvement.

And that’s only the beginning of what makes a cloud-based phone system better.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the most popular business features of these systems:

1. Complete Collaboration and Productivity on Your Phone

With the power of the cloud at your command, you no longer need to invest in a bevy of software that will continue to cost you licensing fees. In the past, your productivity and collaboration apps all needed separate subscriptions per seat each month or year. Now, it all comes bundled right with your phone.

No matter what kind of software support you need to boost team productivity, they can access the right tools directly from their phone handset. That includes things like world-class telepresence, so it’s simple to make your best presentations to customers, business partners, and investors.

2. Total Support for All Forms of Remote Work

The cloud links home and the office seamlessly. This gives your workforce the flexibility to work at any time, from anywhere. It’s never been easier to ensure that crucial contributors on your team aren’t cut off from essential assets when they’re traveling across the country or around the globe.

With a simple and centralized interface for managing, provisioning, and terminating all forms of phone access, you also know precisely which services are most in-demand. This can help you promote sound business practices for everyone, including security and efficiency, even for remotely distributed teams.

3. Superior Call Quality and Call Analysis

No business phone system would be worthwhile unless it could also promise crystal clear call quality. With a cloud-based phone system, your voice traffic can be digitized and carried over all the same lines your data currently flows on. This significantly boosts quality and reliability, even in rough weather.

If you have a help desk, a call center, or a large inside sales team, you’ll also love how a cloud-based phone system equips you with the data you need for talent development. Leaders easily record and evaluate calls, and the system captures all kinds of user data that can make your processes stronger.

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