Best Features of an Office Phone System

Small business technology today must satisfy multiple tasks. With tight budgets and narrow profit margins, every tool should perform double and even triple duty.

Streamlining equipment helps optimize productivity, improve customer service, and increase overall revenue. One way to accomplish all these goals is through a dedicated office phone system.

Though there are standard options across the board, such systems can also be customized to your individual needs. The following information will help you discover the best features:

Call Handling and Call Transfer
Business never takes a day off, and neither should your office phone system. Features such as call forwarding and automated attendant ensure customers are always able to get in touch on their time.

In addition, call transfer allows you to connect with employees in the field. For example, if there’s a problem where you know employees are located, the workers can provide accurate and real-time information. This keeps your customers up-to-date on the latest happenings, rather than having to rely on communication that may already be hours old.

Furthermore, employees in the field and even remote workers can simply and efficiently connect with in-office staff without having to call several different numbers. Phone systems provide apps and mobility features that provide full functionality of in-office phones, regardless of the physical location of employees.

Call Monitoring
Monitoring calls is about more than “quality control.” While that is certainly a factor, having real-time and recorded access to business interactions provides you with important insight into how your employees are serving customers. You can identify areas for improvement and even use stand-out employees as an example of stellar customer service.

Also, you can better understand frequent and similar customer concerns and take steps to alleviate the problem. For instance, if several customers have reported frequent service outages in a certain area, you can save troubleshooting time by getting to the root of the problem faster.

Voicemail and On-Hold Options
You’re familiar with standard voicemail, but did you know an office phone system can take the feature to a new level? It’s possible to have a voicemail transcribed into the written word and even sent to your email. That way, you can access the message anytime, anywhere. Also, transcribed voicemails can be easily shared with employees, so everyone is on the same page about what work must be performed. Viewing data is this manner also eliminates confusion (no guessing words, no background noise).

In terms of placing customers on hold, it’s better to provide a recorded message or advertisement than simply play canned music. Make hold time worth it by offering discount codes and mentioning sales/promotions and the latest happenings at your company.

Customizable to Your Needs
Every business is different. That’s why you need an office phone system that fits the unique format of your company.

Dedicated phone systems offer scalability — expanding with your business growth so you don’t have to keep purchasing a new system. Customizable features mean you get all the tools you need, and none of the ones you don’t. The unified communications that such a system allows improve efficiency, keep costs low, and enhance customer service.

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