Call Analytics Can Turn Your Office Phone System Into A Productivity Tool

The best way to bolster an enterprise’s sales is to identify high-potential personnel and cultivate them into true leaders. At the same time, it’s often beneficial to recognize those who see a particular position as a commodity of little importance and take action accordingly.
If your office phone system manages lots of sales calls, good call reporting is essential.
When it comes to inside sales, organizations tend to have two different types of new hires:

  • Engaged individuals highly focused on making a difference in the team. These workers have the potential to deliver immense value to the organization. However, they often need to develop their skills for, at minimum, a few months before that potential is first felt.
  • Disengaged individuals who are not interested in the work at hand for its own sake. They may not be hostile to an organization’s goals, but they are usually on their way to some other objective, such as paying their way through college.

Your office phone system should support these goals with robust data gathering.

Call Analytics As Your Secret Weapon To Sales And Marketing Success
It’s a truism, especially in today’s world: “To manage, you must measure.”

Representatives can only improve when they – and you – know what they’re already doing right. Call analytics can provide you with the performance data you need to not only build up your top performers, but establish a baseline so the whole team can strive.

The best of today’s office phone systems make this data available remotely. That empowers all managers to take action and raise productivity even when they happen to be out of the office.
Sales isn’t the only area where this is effective. It is also extremely helpful in the world of customer support. With the right system in place, you’ll be able to detect fraudulent calling, bill calls accurately, and generate alerts for specific behaviors.

Marketers in a wide range of fields have had success with call analytics, since they are able to determine at a glance how many calls a specific campaign generates and at what times of day.

Combined With Recording, Analytics Can Be The Ultimate Training Tool
Call analytics will work beautifully on the team level – looking at the bigger strategic picture.
To get down to a more granular level, where careers are made, call recording is another useful tool. Good call recording is consistent and seamless, yet it equips teams with one of the best resources available: Hindsight.

It’s often tough for reps, particularly new ones, to think deeply about what they’re doing in the heat of the moment. This effect is multiplied when they are expected to follow a script. Recording helps them break free and learn more, one call at a time.

Call recording and logging aren’t just for quality assurance, of course. Many enterprises use these to verify transactions over the phone. In industries where sensitive data is handled, they can add extra clarity to your efforts to maintain regulatory compliance.

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