Disaster Recovery: An Essential IT Solution For The Modern Business

As a business, what would you say your most important asset is? If your operation is reasonably modern then the answer is simple: it’s your data. Customer data, employee data, sales data. Without this information, your ability to do business is completely compromised. Your data is also more vulnerable than ever and there are many bad actors out there who would love to get their hands on it.
What can you do about this liability? Well, that’s where IT solutions come into play. One IT solution that is essential to the modern business is disaster recovery. So, what is disaster recovery and how does it benefit your business? Let’s find out.

What Is Disaster Recovery?
Disaster recovery is a broad term that encompasses a plan of action for when your data or applications become severely compromised. Without a solidified and well-thought-out plan, a business can quickly descend into chaos following an unforeseen event. Think large-scale data breaches by bad actors, critical errors in essential applications, or plain old data loss. These are the times when your business absolutely needs to bring its A-game. Every second counts and every move is critical. A disaster recovery plan helps to automate this process to an extent so that recovery is swift and efficient.

Creating Your Disaster Recovery Plan
Creating a disaster recovery plan isn’t simple. It often requires some outside expertise. You need to consider a number of things including:

  • Your budget
  • What to prioritize
  • The areas where you’re most vulnerable
  • Potential timetables for recovery
  • How to deal with media

to name just a few. It will also involve a comprehensive risk assessment in order to determine where your business is most vulnerable and what to prioritize during the recovery process. Disaster recovery is all about minimizing the time it takes to get your operation back up and running and you can’t do that unless you know what you’re up against.

Is A Disaster Recovery Plan Really Necessary?
A business without a structured plan in place to deal with these types of unforeseen events is opening themselves up to tremendous liability. The complexities of recovering from a serious case of data breach or data loss can’t be understated. And this is true for businesses of all sizes — not just large corporations. Think about it, if you were presented with such a situation right now, say a scenario where hackers gain access to sensitive customer data. What would you do? It’s not so easy to answer even when you aren’t under intense pressure. Now imagine scrambling for a solution when your business is on the line.

When it comes to disaster recovery, it’s much better to plan for these things before they happen — better to be proactive than reactive. The difficult part comes after you’ve decided to be proactive. Planning out your disaster recovery procedures is best done with the aid of an experienced IT consultant who can look at your operation with fresh eyes and help spot the weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

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