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Does Your Business Have Multiple Locations? Our Hosted and (VoIP) Solutions Are Perfect For You

Does Your Business Have Multiple Locations? Our Hosted and (VoIP) Solutions Are Perfect For You

After a challenging few years, many Florida business leaders are now turning their attention to the growth opportunities ahead. Enterprises are looking for ways to spread beyond Central Florida into the south and Panhandle – or even to other states. Some have their sights set on the international market.

But is your technology ready for the task?

There are many good reasons for Central Florida businesses to pursue expansion. Without the right IT in place, however, it could take far longer to capture the promised benefits. Data needs to flow freely from one office to another and personnel must be equipped with the right resources to collaborate seamlessly.

High-speed internet is one part of the equation, but what about your phone system?

If expanding to new locations is on the horizon, you need VoIP – “voice over IP.”

Why Voice Over IP Is the Key to Effective Business Expansion in Central Florida and Beyond

Let’s start with the obvious question: What is voice over IP?

Traditional telephone networks were first developed more than a hundred years ago. They relied on what was available at the time. For many decades, phone systems have continued to rely on copper cabling. While none of it is the original century-old kind, it still has some significant limitations.

These limitations are never more obvious than they are here in Florida.

Florida is often last in line when it comes to telecommunications upgrades, and Central Florida is at the very end. Telecom companies defer investments because they’re considered “too expensive.” Over the years, this means many Central Florida residents have contended with poor call quality and frequent dropped calls.

This is especially noticeable during hurricane season.

VoIP means your voice call data is carried over the same modern infrastructure as the rest of your digital data. This leads to an instant improvement in call quality. You can confer with colleagues around the world as if they were right in the same room with you. And weather is far less likely to cause phone system disruption, too.

But that’s not all. VoIP ensures you can integrate your phone system with the rest of your collaboration and productivity tools. It becomes possible to capture and analyze data that flows through your phone system, a surefire way to fuel continuous improvement everywhere your people get their work done.

VoIP works brilliantly for offices and other conventional workplaces, and it can also extend your reach so you can implement hybrid or remote work more smoothly. That gives you access to all the best talent no matter where you’re based.

What Are “Hosted Solutions” for Voice Over IP?

A hosted solution is the opposite of what’s usually called an on-premise solution. That is, you can benefit from voice over IP without having a special internet connection or other hardware installed at your place of business.

The only hardware component is the handsets associated with your VoIP system. Even these aren’t necessary if you don’t want them: Your VoIP network can be configured so your personnel are able to access all the benefits of your system through their existing mobile devices if you choose.

A hosted solution provides you with an additional layer of security since the experts at Atlantic Communications Team are always monitoring the status of your connection – without ever accessing the private data that flows across it. We can take action immediately if a virus or hacker attacks your VoIP setup, for example.

Practically, a hosted solution means you can respond more quickly to changing circumstances. For instance, if a staff member loses a handset while traveling, it can be removed from the network immediately. Likewise, the hosted solution can be extended to as many work sites as you have.

Through our proven approach, your VoIP coverage always grows with you.

At the same time, you never end up paying for services you don’t need or use.

Atlantic Communications Team Is Central Florida’s Premier VoIP Installer

With nearly 40 years of experience, Atlantic Communications Team has been at the forefront of the biggest innovations in information technology. VoIP represents one of the biggest, and companies that take advantage today will be positioned for faster, smoother growth tomorrow.

ACT has served nearly 10,000 businesses including many preparing to expand throughout Florida and beyond. We will evaluate your current technology posture and help you select the right VoIP or other phone system to meet your needs. Then, we manage the changeover to minimize disruption to your day to day operations.

Contact us to learn more or get started.