Does Your Business Need A New Office Phone System?

Upgrading your phone system can lead to increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction, that much is true. The question is, how often should you be upgrading your phones? How can you tell when it’s time for an upgrade? Here are a few signs that you may be in need of an upgraded office phone system.
You’re Getting Complaints
There’s one quick and easy way to tell that you definitely need a new phone system: listen to your employees. If your phones are consistently dropping calls, have a poor voice quality, or are missing features that allow your employees to effectively do their jobs, they’ll gladly let you know. Employees by and large want to do a good job and be productive as possible, but outdated technology often gets in their way.

It’s Hampering Your Ability To Grow
As a business expands operations or gains new clients, you naturally need a way to handle the increased number of calls. With older phone systems it can be difficult to expand this capability and you may need to run new phone lines or install expensive new equipment just to be able to accommodate a higher call load. If your phone system is limiting you in this way it’s probably time for an upgrade. Modern VoIP phone systems are extremely adept at this sort of expansion, and they are able to effortlessly grow alongside your business.

It’s Been Awhile Since Your Last Upgrade
Has it been awhile since you’ve upgraded your phone system? Would it look right at home in a picture of an office from the 1990s? It’s probably time for an upgrade. The question is, exactly how long is too long? With the pace at which technology is growing, you ideally don’t want to go more than a few years without upgrading your office phone system. This may seem excessive or wasteful — upgrading doesn’t always come cheap after all — but what you gain in new productivity features and enhanced call quality will likely outweigh the cost of installing a new system, especially VoIP systems which are relatively inexpensive to install.

You Find Yourself Wishing For New Features
Many businesses get caught in a trap where they know they need many of productivity enhancing features found in modern phone systems but keep putting off the upgrade for various reasons. Maybe you’re constantly in search of a better deal, or you want to wait to see what new features the next lineup of office phone systems has to offer you. This is a mistake. The sooner you upgrade, the sooner you can benefit. That doesn’t mean you have to buy the first phone system you see, but there’s no reason to excessively prolong your search.

Realistically there is no exact time frame you can give for upgrading your phones. However, if you’re finding any of the above signs familiar — whether you’re getting complaints, feeling stifled in your growth, desire some new features in your phone system, or just feel that it’s been too long since your last upgrade — you should look into getting a new business phone system.

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