Don’t Let Your Business Phone System Become A Data Black Hole

Business telephone systems are an essential link between you and your customers. However, odds are good your phone network isn’t as modern as the rest of your technology.
People who call in to your business have their whole perception of your brand shaped by their experience. If their call isn’t successful – that is, if they aren’t able to achieve their goal – it could influence them to look to your competitors in the future.

In fact, bad customer service experiences are a leading driver of customer churn.

Unfortunately, most older phone systems are very limited in what they can do.

The average customer call looks a lot like this:

  • A customer calls in and either reaches a representative or the phone tree.
  • Hopefully, the customer is routed to the right person to solve the problem.
  • They may or may not have to wait on hold at some point during the process.
  • They either resolve the issue with someone or eventually give up trying.

Notice what’s missing in that equation? Data.

Virtually everything else at your company collects and harnesses data, giving you the fuel for continuous improvement. But a business phone system that’s more than five or ten years old has limited data capabilities or none at all. That means it isn’t boosting your performance management.

A data black hole is good for no one: Your customers, your reps, or your management team.

So, what should you expect from a modern business phone system?

1. Digital And VoIP Options
Old-fashioned “analog” telephones are subject to all kinds of interference. They can suffer from performance degradation due to nearby equipment or even because of wires in the walls. Digital and voice over IP will always sound crisp and clear. They tend to be more cost-effective when calling internationally and are easier to maintain and expand in the long run.

2. Call Data Archiving
The added precision of modern phone solutions makes it easier to capture the phone data you need. It’s no longer necessary to outsource to a call center for the best customer service: You can introduce the best performance-driving features on your own phone system. This also makes it easier for sales professionals to link their phones with Customer Relationship Management.

3. Interactive Voice Response
When the public comes calling, speed is always a factor. Customers have limited patience and often assume the worst from even a brief moment of silence on the line. IVR systems offer you the flexibility and sophistication you need to ensure your customers reach the right person to meet their needs – even if they happened to key in the wrong number to start.

Robust Phone Systems Are Business Critical Here In Florida
Yes, they call Florida the Sunshine State, but there’s another side to the coin!

Here in Central Florida, we’re fortunate to be far enough inland that major wind and rain storms don’t always make it to our neighborhood. That said, one more benefit of a cutting-edge business phone system deserves to be highlighted: Its resilience against weather interference.

The more robust your phone system is, the more uptime you will get during a serious weather event. This is particularly important for serving your customers in communities like Volusia, Flagler, Orange, Seminole, Brevard, and Osceola when the weather turns fierce.

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