Florida Hit A Roadblock On IT Solutions, But You Don’t Have To

Florida Hit A Roadblock On IT Solutions, But You Don’t Have To

Oh, Florida. The state famous for the over-the-top exploits of “Florida Man,” as collected on the internet through local newspaper headlines, was in the spotlight again this past December when it became clear multiple state agencies were using the same password to access sensitive information systems.

Over the last 20 years, it is fair to say that Florida has had setbacks when it comes to implementing the latest IT solutions. It persisted well into the information age without appointing a Chief Information Officer (CIO) – and it started and halted its state technology agency multiple times.

With around 50 different departments and agencies, it can be hard for an enterprise like the State of Florida to get on the same page with its IT solutions. Bold new strategies are needed. Inside a private enterprise like yours, this kind of change management campaign might include:

  • Defining a vision and values that each manager can use to stay on track with their goals
  • Developing an implementation plan and defining communications strategies at all levels
  • Meeting regularly to share feedback and troubleshoot with insight from executive sponsors

Steps like these make sure your technology budget goes to meaningful, effective investments. They require commitment at all levels and clarity from leadership. Oddly enough, at the very same time the state is confronting technology challenges, many businesses are working to reach a higher level in IT.

Managed IT Solutions Will Strengthen Florida Business Growth At A Pivotal Time

IT solutions are more powerful than any other business asset when it comes to accelerating your operations. With the right IT solutions in place, you move faster, think faster, and act on more accurate data. As businesses in the Sunshine State position for renewed growth, IT solutions are at the forefront.

In times of uncertainty, business leaders can shy away from technology investments. Now is the time to press forward, however – it’s never been easier to secure world class IT solutions at a price that responds to your specific needs and budget. The old “one size fits all” paradigm is ending.

The reason why comes down to a single innovation: Managed IT services.

Managed IT services represent an all-new way to empower companies large and small with the kind of IT solutions that were once exclusive to the Fortune 500. Using the power of the cloud, it is now possible to upgrade technology capabilities without additional hardware, wiring, headcount, or training.

With managed IT, you can select what elements of your IT portfolio are monitored and managed by off-site professionals. Many different aspects of IT security, speed, accessibility, and performance can be kept within the expectations you set without ever having to devote internal resources to the task.

This has transformed how companies look at their IT solutions:

  • Smaller ventures that can’t afford an in-house IT team can still benefit from expertise
  • Large multinationals can right-size their inside IT team and focus on what they do best

Virtually all essential IT functions can now be delivered as cloud-based solutions. That means critical business software and data can be accessed from anywhere. Personnel are no longer tied to the office. Software is always up to date, saving time and protecting systems from the latest security exploits.

And it puts Florida businesses on an even playing field with industry peers all across the country and around the world. You don’t have to wait for other players in the state to make the right decisions and the right investments: With managed IT solutions, the power is always in your hands.

Deploying Managed IT Solutions Can Be Done Practically Overnight

With managed IT, you no longer need to rewire your office or campus to get a higher quality of service.

While high speed internet definitely does help – and that requires on-site equipment to give you the fastest connection speeds – most modern businesses are already in a position to leverage managed IT right away. They simply need to set up an agreement with a trusted managed IT provider.

Let’s look at some of the ways companies can excel with managed IT:

1. Stay Ahead In The Race Against Hackers … Permanently

Today’s data security landscape is a never-ending competition between security analysts and criminals. Criminals have the advantage of being able to automate thousands of attacks per day and utilize novel security loopholes, so businesses must always be on guard.

With remote network monitoring, you have dedicated IT security experts on your side. They can react to the first change in network traffic patterns that suggests something is wrong. Those are signals that might go unnoticed by the average inside IT team: It takes an average of 280 days to identify a breach.

2. Equip Personnel With The Best Productivity Software

You know you need the best software around to make the most of your business data. But every piece of software you add to your technology stack introduces complexity in the form of licensing fees, external agreements, and the ongoing effort to keep your applications up to date.

With managed IT services, the complexity disappears but the performance remains. You get all of the terrific competitive advantages of the software you need while leaving the logistics in the hands of your service provider. This also tends to mean you pay much less for software as your company grows.

3. Keep Teams Moving By Making Digital Assets Accessible Anywhere

Remote work has become a vital part of forward-looking business strategy. Just as some firms use managed IT solutions to trim headcount, some are sure to shift to a “remote first” workplace strategy that allows them to reinvest funds now going to pricey real estate commitments.

Managed IT means data is stored safely in the cloud and your storage expands as your needs do. Not only can your teams access what they need from anywhere in the world, but they can also enjoy a secure portal that will help them prevent breaches no matter where they are working from.

4. Maintain Compliance With Crucial Regulations In Your Industry

There are many situations where IT can look more like a cost center than a value center. One of these is in heavily regulated industries. Healthcare may be the most onerous in this regard, but finance and legal services can also include expensive provisions that require you to maintain data for many years.

Secure off-site data storage should play a prominent role in any disaster recovery plan. With your data in the cloud, you always know where to find it. Bouncing back from natural disasters, service outages, or even targeted ransomware attacks is much easier than ever before.
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