Get Ready For The Internet Of Things With 2020’s Top IT Solutions

The Internet of Things, commonly abbreviated IoT, refers to the growing variety of physical products featuring network connectivity. From refrigerators to wristwatches to automobiles, the market for these devices is practically endless.
IDC predicts there will be more than 41 billion IoT devices by 2025. These include voice-based personal assistants like Alexa, which has sold more than 100 million units. However, IoT will also become increasingly integrated into business.

Over the next decade, more enterprises will have offices and campuses with “smart” features that rely on IoT sensors. Sensors can be used to manage electricity usage on lights and temperature control and to maintain security in sensitive areas.

IoT sensors are also found in many pieces of industrial equipment.

Your enterprise may not be using IoT now. But, just as with smartphones in the last decade, you should assume employees will. The time is now to improve your data security and prepare for an unpredictable frontier of connected devices.

Prepare Your Business For Mobile Revolution 2.0 With New IT Solutions
As smartphones became more common, CIOs realized they could not control the tide of employees using them. “Bring Your Own Device” became the norm.

To adapt to this, technology leaders sought fresh IT solutions. They needed ways to centralize network connectivity policy and create uniformity across hardware.

The coming challenge will be very much the same.

Best practices for securing IoT devices remain in their infancy. However, enterprises that roll out best-in-class IT solutions for mobile device security will be better prepared for tomorrow.

Be careful not to underestimate the security risk of IoT. In at least one case, hackers were able to steal sensitive data through a fish tank at an exclusive casino.

Here’s how you can secure your enterprise … fish tank and all:

1. Complete Anti-Virus Protection
Anti-virus is the cornerstone of every IT security strategy. These days, viruses are appearing more quickly than ever. Modern anti-virus software hardens you against the most disruptive attacks, including those that can bar access to your critical data. Every mobile device on your network should have the latest anti-virus, no matter what form that device takes.

2. Automated Patch Management
Patch management is part of a managed IT plan that ensures all business software you use is always up to date. This defends you against security exploits that used to linger for months or years. Note that software accessed via cloud should always be kept up to date by your provider. IoT devices may require special “firmware” updates best handled by managed IT experts.

3. Data Backup And Recovery
Even if you take every step to safeguard your enterprise, you should still be prepared for the worst. A managed data backup and recovery plan ensures that even if hardware is compromised, you can restore your valuable data from the last backup point. This will bring your enterprise back to working order fast and allow you to maintain the data you need for auditing purposes.

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