Get Your Head In The Clouds: How To Use Cloud Computing To Benefit Your Business

Cloud computing has been put to great use by businesses seeking efficient, flexible, and forward-thinking solutions to their IT problems. It isn’t just for hot young startups or tech-savvy entrepreneurs either: cloud technology can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here are a few ways that you can use cloud computing in your business.
Cloud Storage And File Sharing
You can use cloud storage on a day to day basis to facilitate communication between employees and make sure important documents are easy to access. Companies like Dropbox and Google do all of the heavy lifting on the backend while your business benefits from a streamlined interface, secure data transfer, and a tremendous amount of scalability.

Using Dropbox as an example, you have access to anywhere from 1 terabyte — enough to store tens of thousands of simple files — of storage with the most basic plan to unlimited storage with their more advanced enterprise plans. And all of this storage couldn’t be easier to use. Gone are the days of unwieldy FTP servers being your best option for file sharing.

Backup And Disaster Recovery
What would happen if you lost all of your computers right now? If you’re like most modern businesses it wouldn’t be good for business. You need the data stored on your hard drives just to function at a basic level. Fortunately, with cloud technology, backing up all of your important files is easier than ever. The process can be automated to upload information to a secure location at a specified time, and with modern high speed business internet, backing up data doesn’t take nearly as long.

With cloud computing you can go even further than simple file backups. By using virtualization you can create a backup of your entire workstation including the operating system, system settings, installed applications, and all of the data stored on your computer. You could “lose” everything and have it back up and running on a new machine within a matter of minutes. Compare that to traditional methods of disaster recovery where you have to painstakingly reinstall the operating system, apply patches, download applications, and then transfer all of the old files onto the new machine.

Business Analytics
Analytics is no longer solely the domain of big corporations. With cloud computing it’s easier than ever to access the computing power necessary to harness business analytics. There are a number of software suites available including SAS, IBM Watson, and Google Analytics that help you gather and interpret data about your business. You don’t need to be a data scientist to use these tools, many have easy to use interfaces that handle the more arcane aspects of analytics for you.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use cloud computing to streamline your business and cloud computing is just one of many IT solutions available to you. Even if you aren’t in a cutting-edge industry there is a tremendous amount of value to be had here, and maximizing this value requires smart solutions and a partner who can help you implement them.

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