Go Beyond The Office With A Business Phone System That Follows You Anywhere

Think of a business phone system, and what comes to mind is the obvious: A phone handset with advanced controls, on a desk along with your other office electronics. However, a modern business phone system doesn’t and shouldn’t tie you to your desk. It combines the best features of a smartphone along with business-class call management.
Getting employees to switch to your business phone system after using their own smartphone for everything can be daunting. These systems have a lot to prove: They need robust features along with the capability to work effectively from the road.

The systems installed by Atlantic Communications Team definitely deliver.

The security, efficiency, and call quality of a good business phone solution is second to none.

Three Ways Your Corporate Phone System Helps You Break Out of the Office
Yes, your business telephone system can serve as the backbone of a technical support call center or inside sales team. However, it is also much more versatile than that. Anything you can do on your standard consumer smartphone, your business phone does better.

Let’s look at three top examples of how your system can go a step beyond:

1. Access Call Analytics And Robust Voicemail From Anywhere
Call analytics are an incredible tool. They help you teach less senior members of your team to reach their full potential faster. Plus, they are essential to better customer service. Your phone system allows you to access the stats you need from anywhere, so you can keep metrics moving up.

A phone system would be of little use if it didn’t take messages. When customers call, they will access your regular phone tree: However, the messages they leave can be forwarded to you from anywhere. You can even access them from other mobile and desktop devices.

2. Use Messaging, Conferencing, And Collaboration With Your Whole Team
One of the traditional drawbacks of leaving the office is leaving behind all the conferencing and collaboration tools you rely on. Trying to install a full stack of applications on your personal phone and keep them all orderly can be trouble, too.

Your business system centralizes it all in one place.

Business phone systems are designed to work with popular applications. Your company’s phone system administrator makes sure you have access to everything you need. Everyone who uses the system is on the same page, so no waiting for someone to update or figure out their software.

3. Benefit From Cloud-Based System Support And Monitoring
Distributed technology is the way of the future. Moving key applications to the cloud facilitates accessing them from anywhere. This is crucial in fast-moving situations where it may be impossible to bring the whole team together.

Not only that, but your phone system benefits from options for remote support and monitoring. This ensures your phone system can interact with your wider network while remaining secure from today’s dangerous cyberattacks. And if you experience performance issues, help is minutes away.

Get A Business Phone System From Experts You Can Trust
Small offices might get by on “Bring Your Own Device,” but a sophisticated business needs the power and flexibility of a true business-class phone system.

At Atlantic Communications Team, we can help you select a system that will capture complete benefits from your existing network and the latest technologies on the market.

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