Good IT Solutions Reduce The Biggest Wildcard: Human Error

Today’s computing devices are so advanced, the microprocessor in your smartphone is more powerful than the one that brought NASA to the moon. It’s never been easier to achieve more than with today’s IT solutions.
Used incorrectly, however, your devices are the fastest way to get to the wrong answer. In fact, the computer has long been joked about as the “world’s smartest idiot” because it relies so much on human input.

Human error is becoming a bigger factor in some of the most serious data breaches. Entire networks are compromised due to preventable issues: Weak or forgotten passwords, lax security with downloads and links, and other issues of this kind.

Not everyone in your organization will be a computer expert. However, the latest IT solutions work behind the scenes to protect employees from crucial errors. Should mistakes happen, then their consequences will be limited.

Let’s look at a selection of IT solutions making jobs and lives easier:

1. Virus And Malware Mitigation
There are billions of computer viruses out there on the Web, with new variants evolving every day. A unique virus can threaten your entire organization. Maintaining a modern antivirus with daily updates is the best way to stop suspicious downloads that may infect a PC. Email filtering and related services can also catch viruses before human interaction.

2. PC And Server Monitoring
When hardware acts strangely, many people will start by assuming a “ghost in the machine” – that is, a temporary problem that will eventually go away on its own. With hardware monitoring, you can get down to the bottom of things by pinpointing unusual behaviors. In the case of servers, this can point to nascent hardware problems that need attention.

3. Data Backup And Recovery
We all know the feeling of working hard on something only to lose hours of effort. When that happens at your business, millions of dollars could hang in the balance. Instead of relying on personnel – or even the programs they use – to save your data, a complete data archiving solution is best. It also helps in cases where hardware fails.

4. Mobile Device Management
The mobile revolution means virtually all your employees own a smartphone. Many might own other mobile devices. Individually managing this fleet of devices is no longer practical: An automated approach to mobile device management ensures consistency and convenience. Your centralized solution can scan each device for security compliance quickly.

5. Proactive Maintenance
Ideally, nobody would wait until hardware breaks down before getting it serviced. The proactive in proactive maintenance means monitoring devices and services for early signs of performance degradation. This gives you the power to intervene at a time when a fix might take only a few minutes, not several hours or days. In the end, that means higher productivity and less work lost.

6. Disaster Recovery Planning
Here in Florida, we all know that the weather has a vote on business operations. Despite all of your best efforts, a major storm – up to and including our notorious Atlantic hurricanes – could threaten your operations. When the worst happens, disaster recovery planning gives you a path to return to normal operations with a minimum of time and money lost.

Atlantic Communications Team can empower you with a complete selection of IT solutions, including these and others, tailored to your specific needs. To find out more, contact us today.