Heavy Call Volumes? Make IVR Part Of Your Office Phone System

Is your daily call volume going up? Are you looking for a way to manage it more effectively? No matter if you’ve got customer service, technical support, or sales calls, you need to respond to every incoming call as it happens. A single missed call could cost you thousands – either in terms of a big lost sale or lost business as a customer switches brands.
Naturally, it would be best to have enough representatives to personally see to every call as fast as possible. But even when your team is large and well-prepared, you can find yourself working through spikes where calls exceed your network’s maximum load.

That’s where IVR – Interactive Voice Response – comes in.

IVR: The Solution For Scaling Your Office Phone System
While some people appreciate talking to a live representative, the majority just want whatever information they called for. Interactive Voice Response provides a quick and convenient way to deliver that information without leaving users on hold.

An IVR system is a sophisticated, response-driven phone tree that allows uses to quickly self-manage routine inquiries.

When callers reach your IVR, they can still escalate to a live agent. However, they’ll often find they don’t need to, since a well-configured IVR system can offer detailed help for virtually any situation.

Plus, IVR can work around the clock, allowing you to efficiently tend to customer needs even when the majority of your workforce is asleep. It is great for mid-sized enterprises that are “on the grow” and small businesses that strive to give Fortune 500-caliber customer service.

Not only that, but it also provides you with built-in scheduling services. This allows you to offer progressive, systematic follow-up without having to burden multiple employees with calling out.

A modern IVR system can do all the following:

  • Schedule appointments and send out timed reminders to improve schedule compliance.
  • Handle customer information inquiries around the clock in a fully customized manner.
  • Equip staff with mobile timesheet management so they can check in and out by phone.
  • Process sales orders via telephone while screening out and preventing customer error.
  • Qualify users and route their queries correctly by gathering preliminary information.

Setting Up Your New Office System Helps Raise Your Call Metrics
Naturally, there’s some setup involved with any powerful office phone system. In this case, you’ll have to develop scripts for the system to use in various situations.

This might seem like a chore, but it will elevate your team performance.

Designing call scripts means you’ll have to think deeply about what your customers are after when they call you. You’re bound to discover new ways to streamline the experience and smooth the path to a satisfying outcome for more people – even if fewer of them talk to a representative.

Plus, your own representatives can benefit, too.

They’ll end up fielding fewer calls overall thanks to the incredible versatility of IVR. The calls they do take will be more valuable, since they will be able to focus on a more narrow, albeit specialized, range of topics that they might be asked about.

Newcomers to the team can even get on-boarded faster by reviewing the existing scripts.

A worthwhile office phone system doesn’t just passively collect data: It enhances your mission. Atlantic Communications Team can design, install, configure, and train you on your next phone system. To learn more, contact us.