High Speed Internet Clocks In As One Of The Biggest Business Investments For The New Year

High Speed Internet Clocks In As One Of The Biggest Business Investments For The New Year

In the United States and around the world, the demand for high speed internet has never been higher. Companies of all sizes have been shifting their focus to remote work. Even though there is now positive news on the horizon about vaccines, the change in broadband usage patterns stands to have lasting implications.

Optimistic estimates suggest that companies can pivot back toward business as usual by June. However, not all of them are doing so. Remote work can save employers millions in funds they now spend on real estate.

Workers can benefit too, as commutes cost many people thousands of dollars a year.

In this climate of continuing uncertainty, organizations around the world are investing more money in high speed internet. Recent discussions about COVID-19 relief have included significant earmarks for high speed internet, especially in under-served rural areas where “last mile” cabling is still substandard.

About $10 billion is expected to be set aside for a public-private partnership to expand high speed internet.

The clarion call for high speed internet is rippling out across the rest of the globe, too. High speed internet lines in Europe are expected to double from 2019 levels over the next six years. Germany, Italy, and Britain will all see explosive growth, with Germany experiencing a 730% rise in residential broadband accessibility.

High speed internet enjoys bipartisan support and is being embraced by people throughout society. It has positive implications for education, healthcare, and commerce. A large-scale infrastructure plan will benefit businesses of all sizes, but to make the most of it, they need their own high speed internet connections.

Don’t Wait For 5G To Make High Speed Internet A Cornerstone Of Your Business

Many Florida business owners have been waiting for 5G to transform the broadband landscape before they invest in high speed internet. It’s exciting to hear about all the great new applications this technology is sure to make available. Fundamentally new industries and business models will become possible almost overnight.

Some extraordinary things to look forward to with 5G high speed internet include:

  • Ultra-reliable low-latency controls for next generation industrial robots
  • Enhanced capabilities for connected cars, potentially including self-driving
  • Smart infrastructure for real-time traffic routing and congestion reduction
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that dwarfs anything today

While some applications of 5G high speed internet will be completely novel, a large number of them represent a “next step up” for existing workflows. Enterprises of all sizes are looking at how 8K video streaming and full 360° video could enhance remote collaboration and team-building.

That said, Florida businesses in particular should temper their expectations for the next broadband revolution.

A 5G wireless transmitter has a very limited distance, only about 500 feet. That results in a need for thousands more transmitters to realize 5G speeds as opposed to 4G speeds. Existing structures and geographic elements can also disrupt the 5G signal, meaning that careful planning will be necessary – especially in Florida.

Florida has traditionally fallen behind the rest of the country when it comes to introducing telecom features and technology. The state’s long, narrow layout means that, even today, some Central Florida communities lack the sophisticated broadband technologies that larger cities benefit from.

With 5G still a long way away, businesses should leverage their existing high speed internet options.

Today’s High Speed Internet Will Position Your Company For Tomorrow

If you are still going without cutting edge broadband internet at your enterprise, now is the time for change. Every day you use broadband, it offers you the tools to save time and seize opportunities that would otherwise be missed. And you can take advantage of it right now – before the coming broadband surge.

Today’s 4G wireless internet may seem like it is everywhere, but it isn’t reliable enough to act as the backbone of a business. Day to day operations should be supported by a hardwired broadband connection that utilizes a tried and tested technology, such as a business-grade T1 internet line.

That helps keep you from losing connectivity during harsh weather and other adverse events.

Let’s consider some of the ways Florida businesses are already using high speed internet:

1. Capturing The Benefits Of Remote Distributed Teams

In the remote world of the future, companies like yours will have the opportunity to tap talent pools from across the country. Many brands that rely on creativity and expertise, like software firms, are using ultra-fast internet within their offshoring and contracting strategy – a powerful way to make hiring more competitive. You can even scale down your office while maintaining headcount.

2. Enhancing Data Security And Privacy

The faster your internet, the more resilient your team can be. For example, managed backups of your data render you virtually immune to cataclysmic ransomware attacks. With plentiful speed and bandwidth, you can execute backups more frequently without impacting the performance of demanding productivity apps.

3. Defending Against The Looming Hacker Threat

To achieve end to end network safety, many enterprises are adopting active security protocols. Today’s firewalls can incorporate traffic analysis that zeroes in on suspicious activity patterns right away, stopping attacks before they start. To crunch all that data, however, high speed internet is a necessity.

4. Integrating Mobile Hardware Into Workflows

Faster internet speeds can improve productivity in ways that are subtle or obvious. Every task becomes a little bit faster when your internet is responsive. But that’s not all: Many firms are transforming their basic workflows to take advantage of connectivity. This creates new approaches to efficiency and convenience.

In today’s market, real estate agents are using mobile devices to capture registration information from open house visitors so they can follow up more effectively. Restaurants are increasingly making tablets available for quick ordering, with digital signage to keep the kitchen staff updated.

5. Improving Phone System Performance

Most businesses have left old-fashioned copper wiring behind when it comes to their phone system. Now, voice is carried over the data stream just like internet traffic – an innovation called Voice Over IP (VoIP). VoIP phones have more features and are more reliable than their counterparts. They are also much easier to maintain and scale, so you can service more calls at a higher rate without worrying about dropped calls or lost quality.

With Business-Class High Speed Internet, Your Company’s Future Begins Now

With high speed internet, both your personnel and your customers benefit. No matter your industry, you can add more value than ever and stand out from the competition. Atlantic Communications Team helps you do it with the most robust and reliable T1 broadband connections available in the state of Florida.

Through decades of experience, we’ll design and install your system for maximum performance. If you don’t have an in-house IT team, you can even choose us as your outsourced support and 24-hour monitoring partner.

Don’t wait for the future to pass you by. To get started with high speed internet, contact us today.