High Speed Internet Is Better For Morale In Your Growing Enterprise

When most people think about high speed internet for business, they think of faster access to resources on the Web and better performance for data-heavy applications like conferencing. It’s true that high speed internet will make it easier to access all the information you need out there in the world. If you use modern cloud services, then internet speed has a huge bearing on whether your business software is responsive and easy to use.
However, there are other ways high speed internet helps.

Fast technology can actually help your employees feel better about their job.

High Speed Internet Affects Every Stage Of The Employee Life Cycle
Think about how deeply data services are integrated into every aspect of employee life.

Some of the most challenging – and, indeed, frustrating – parts of the work day are made easier by faster internet. That includes one-time processes as well as things employees deal with daily.
Consider some of the biggest examples:

The Daily Email Grind
It’s difficult for many employees to get to “inbox zero.” Some receive dozens of emails a day. They need to sort through those messages effectively to avoid missing out on key operational details – but loading speeds are a cap on how quickly they can wade through the inbox.

Phantom Technology Issues
A delay in a computer’s responsiveness is one of the top signs it isn’t working as intended. Yet, many of these delays are actually caused by congestion on the network, not by any problem with hardware or software. High speed internet is the best, and often only, way to fix it.

Employee Onboarding
In many organizations, employee onboarding is a multi-step process. It might involve accessing a video training course on the Web, taking quizzes, and getting verified on certain online systems. Internet lag adds aggravation to all of these issues.

This is only a small sampling of key processes that are affected by your internet speed.

Even if you aren’t using complex apps that require plenty of power, you still need high speed internet for a seamless employee experience. Each time a delay can be attributed to speed, it wears your team members down. Over time, it can become a lasting point of contention.

Better Technology Changes Employee Perceptions Of The Workplace
We all know that data speeds are getting faster. Some employees have already seen this in the form of new 5G technology. However, high speed internet available to business still has the potential to be much faster than anything available residentially.

Imagine the perception new employees have if they show up for their first day of work and find that the internet is much slower at work than it is at home. Instantly, the business seems much less serious and much less competitive. That can plant a seed of employee turnover later on.

On the other hand, better technology helps employees feel connected and in control:

  • They feel the difference in daily productivity and are happier about their work.
  • They get the sense that your business is really “doing things and going places.”
  • They are confident new and better technology will continue to be deployed.

Even if your workforce has a “Bring Your Own Device” policy, blazing fast internet makes those devices better and more secure.

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