High Speed Internet Is The Cornerstone Of Your New Remote Work Strategy

Weeks into a global pandemic, COVID-19 is revealing vulnerabilities in the way business is done. One of the most serious has to do with the traditional on-site workforce.
Information-driven organizations have the capacity to perform the majority of work from anywhere. The adoption of cloud services and the collective embrace of the mobile internet has accelerated this trend beyond even the best predictions of technologists.

But, as the coronavirus situation shows, many organizations haven’t made the preparations for a shift toward remote work. That begins with the right IT strategy and investments.

High speed internet is the first step to a workforce that can adapt to anything.

High Speed Internet Bridges Distances For Modern Business Enterprises
The right internet service helps teams around the world collaborate like they’re just around the corner. T1 internet speeds ensure teams can make full use of today’s best remote work applications from anywhere.

The combination of ultra-fast internet and cloud IT services makes a traditional office optional. Personnel can interact and collaborate as seamlessly as they would face-to-face.

Business-class internet lets you leverage all the following:

1. World Class Telepresence Applications
Cloud-based teleconferencing and telepresence applications can run on virtually any modern computer, but they need great internet speed and reliability. T1 internet ensures you can have a group meeting even if team members are separated by thousands of miles.

2. VoIP Telephone Solutions
Need a more traditional business telephone system? With Voice Over IP (VoIP), voice data is transmitted as crisp, clear digital data. VoIP uses much of the same infrastructure as your other data applications, so faster internet helps, but it can also power a corporate phone system or call center.

3. Collaboration And Project Management
Today’s most effective collaboration tools live in the cloud. Teams are connected through a variety of text and voice chat channels. That ensures everyone on the team knows what to do at any given time. To keep everyone in the loop, high speed internet is essential.

4. Version Control
Depending on your work, you might need version control, document monitoring, or advanced authentication for a variety of applications. High speed internet makes errors less likely and prevents important information from being lost or compromised.

High Speed Internet Protects You Against The Downsides Of Traditional Offices
Even under normal circumstances, the old-fashioned office isn’t a paragon of productivity. Many enterprises find embracing a remote workforce is the way to become more efficient.

Even once Coronavirus has been contained, bacteria and viruses will still spread in the office. Each year at flu season, most enterprises see a marked increase in absenteeism due to illness.

As your team grows, offices get harder to optimize. Low-level conversational noise can distract even the most diligent employee, especially with an “open plan” office. Sound masking helps, but eliminating the problem completely gets employees to new heights.

Last, but not least, there’s the cost of an ever-expanding office footprint.

High speed internet can link your entire team to a single main office that might only have a few employees working in it. You can scale more comfortably with fewer demands on IT and almost no need for more physical space.

2020 has revealed that on-site work isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. The first step in making your organization more resilient and robust is implementing high speed internet.

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