High Speed Internet: Why You Can’t Afford Not To Have It

When business leaders measure the cost of upgrading their technology solutions, they often focus on fixed costs. Yes, even cloud technology – which requires no new hardware on your premises – has ongoing ownership costs. But it’s important not to overestimate these.
Much more significant, in the long run, are the opportunity costs.

Small and mid-sized businesses need high speed internet to function at their best. Even many solo entrepreneurs wouldn’t dream of doing their work without the fastest data connection possible. The reason why is simple: The minutes you waste on slow internet add up.

Every month on a slow internet connection costs you hours of potential productivity.

And if you go a whole year without the fastest internet, you’ve lost entire weeks.

How High Speed Internet Saves You Money: A Quick Breakdown
Used well, high speed internet more than makes up for its costs through improved productivity.
Just think of all the ways it makes tasks easier and more efficient:

1. Emails and Social Media
Many businesses rely on email and social media to connect with customers. Prospecting takes place every single day on the Web, and contacting prospective clients even one day sooner can make the difference. With high speed internet, each member of your sales team may be able to send an additional 30, 40, or 50 emails daily. The bottom line impact is undeniable.

2. Tech Support
Many times, a slow internet connection leads to “phantom” computer glitches. Employees may be looking for problems with hardware or software, but the real issue is their connection speed: It simply isn’t fast enough. All that time spent on the phone using up valuable support desk resources is sheer waste, since only an upgrade to high speed internet will help.

3. Lag and Downtime
Slower internet connections are often more vulnerable to delays during busy times of the day. As traffic on your office network spikes, some tasks become nearly impossible. While most team members will look for something else to do, they’ll often find themselves bottlenecked by the wait. In effect, you end up paying for time spent sitting around.

4. Business Research
The Web is built into the fabric of everyday business. There are many times when employees will need to visit a search engine to get answers before they can move forward on a task – for example, evaluating potential vendors like you may be doing right now. If that process slows to a crawl, then so will the vital strategic decisions attached to it.

5. Business Software
Cloud computing makes it faster, easier, and much less expensive to access the best business class software. However, since that software “lives” outside your network – in the cloud – your internet speed is a big factor in how quickly it performs. To get the most from cloud, you need the fastest possible link to the outside world. Otherwise, key benefits get left on the table.
High speed internet is essential to success. Luckily, it’s never been easier to gain access to a best-in-class internet connection for your business. Today’s technologies mean it can often be done with minimal rewiring or new hardware.

With our expertise, Atlantic Communications Team will have your office up and running on high speed internet before you know it. Contact us today to find out more about your options. We look forward to helping you.