How Do You Know When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Business Phone System?

In the past, phones were mainly about making calls. These days even the smallest phones are capable of so much more. The list of features available on your average business phone system is enough to make your head spin. Once you get a handle on things, it’s tough to do business without all of these productivity-enhancing features.
Unfortunately, not everyone is benefitting equally from the modern evolutions in business phone technology. The technology is advancing further every year and businesses who keep up with this pace stand to gain the most. But how do you know when it’s really time for an upgrade? Here are a few signs that it’s time for a new business phone system.

You’re Expanding And Your Phones Can’t Keep Up
This is often the first phone issue businesses run into. You’re expanding your operation, adding new employees and working with new clients, and suddenly your old business phone system is no longer up to the task. Either you can’t add new lines without buying more hardware or you’re missing certain vital features that streamline communication.

The only option left is to upgrade to a system that can handle your current — and future — expansion. VoIP phone solutions make adding new users as simple as updating the software. As long as you have the room and the bandwidth you can keep expanding without having to worry about buying and installing expensive new hardware.

People Are Complaining
If your phone system isn’t pulling its weight, rest assured that people will let you know. Your employees will start complaining — and rightfully so — that their cumbersome or unreliable phones are interfering with their productivity. Alternatively, you may find out when your customers or clients start moving on because of how troublesome it is to get in touch with you.

Ideally, you’d want to upgrade your phone system before it starts actively getting in your way. You may not be able to win back the trust of your employees or the business of your clients if you let this situation go on for too long.

It’s Been Years Since Your Last Upgrade
Time goes on and technology keeps getting better. Features that might have been rare or prohibitively expensive in the phone systems of a few years ago are now commonplace. For example, call forwarding to any device — including personal cell phones — is now something you can do with almost any modern phone system, whereas in the past you may have been required to have a dedicated business cell phone.

If it’s been a few years since your last upgrade, you owe it to your business to have another look. You will probably be surprised at the kinds of productivity-enhancing features that you’re missing out on. Even if you end up deciding that you’re still satisfied with your current phone system, at least you’ll know that with some certainty.

Don’t miss out on modern productivity-enhancing features just because you’re in a comfortable rut with your current phones. Please, contact us at Atlantic Communications today. We offer a full range of feature-rich business telephone systems at a number of price points.