How Univerge Blue’s Cloud-Based Phone System Brings The Best Features Together for Businesses

How Univerge Blue's Cloud-Based Phone System Brings The Best Features Together for Businesses

Over the last few years, Central Florida businesses have seen a profound shift toward cloud technology. “The cloud” is a latticework of globally distributed private networks that enable companies of all sizes to access technology resources from anywhere, including all their important files, data, and applications.

Cloud technology is preferred in Central Florida, especially among small businesses. With the cloud, you can leverage Fortune 500 technology for a sliver of the price. The cloud makes possible a “fractional pricing” model ensuring you pay only for the resources you use.

It’s about time the same ideas arrived for the business phone system.

We live in a world where diverse, distributed teams work together remotely every day. It’s no longer enough for the cloud to be limited to traditional devices like laptops and smartphones. Leading business phone system provider NEC has stepped up to make a difference with its new Univerge Blue offering.

Univerge Blue Is Everything Good About the Cloud Packed into a Business Phone System

With a long and storied history, NEC is one of the biggest names in telecommunications and information technology. Established in 1899 in Tokyo, Japan, it has been behind major innovations in the history of the telephone and the modern internet. Its Univerge Blue suite is the latest chapter in its success.

When developing the Univerge Blue, NEC engineers got feedback from executives, managers, and front-line workers within the increasingly digital economy. They looked at the different ways a business phone system can help a company deliver on its promises – and the many ways that it can fall short, too.

Synthesizing thousands of hours of hands-on research with design work from some of the brightest minds in telecom, Univerge Blue was born. It is a powerful, versatile, cloud-based business phone system. It stands out for how easy it is to launch, configure, and administrate despite its sophistication.

Let’s look at just a few of the cutting edge features that set the Univerge Blue apart:

1. True Unified Communications

When is a phone not just a phone? When it comes with world-class productivity and collaboration software. A bevy of best-in-class solutions are provided onboard every Univerge Blue system. It gives every stakeholder seamless access to the tools they need to be more productive and efficient.

Your workforce will be more flexible than ever as any smartphone you allow onto your network can become a mobile endpoint with full access to Univerge Blue features. It’s “Bring Your Own Device” without the headaches, hassles, or security concerns you may be used to.

The unified communications hub integrates everything you need – chat, text, video, screen sharing, file sharing, and more. It is all intuitive and easy to use, cutting down on the need for lengthy re-training.

2. Customizable Contact Center

The cloud-based Contact Center equips you to launch your remote workforce easily and scale at virtually any level. From small customer service or sales teams to large omnichannel enterprises, it is all here. Your phone system no longer needs to be a “black box” – it can provide you with the data to excel.

Incoming inquiries from any channel within your network can be intelligently routed to the right agent at the right moment. Users drastically cut down on response time and increase service quality. Plus, it can all integrate with your existing ERP or CRM solutions.

3. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is an essential part of success for modern Florida businesses. Univerge Blue comes complete with its Meet Suite of communications solutions, allowing you to share ideas, deliver work, and meet from around the world as if you were just around the corner.

Small and mid-sized businesses love Meet for its ability to replace a variety of other telepresence apps that may require pricey licensing fees. It is all directly built-in, allowing you to jump from any other part of your Univerge Blue workflow to a live video meeting in just a few clicks or taps.

Gold standard productivity solutions including in-meeting chat, screen sharing, and more are easy to use and make your virtual meeting environment even better. Up to 100 participants can enter any meeting. Quality is maintained no matter where in the world your participants are.

4. File Sharing and Security

Security is a huge concern for companies of all sizes and industries – anyone can become a target of hackers. Univerge Blue Share protects your data while continuing to make it easily accessible to all of the team members who can use it.

Document management and version control have never been easier thanks to Univerge Blue’s ability to instantly save and sync documents across the cloud. Real-time backup means files cannot be lost no matter what happens on an individual device.

Univerge Blue Share integrates top-of-the-line antivirus capabilities to verify the safety of all files as they traverse from one user to another. Unauthorized or unintentional file interception is nearly impossible. You won’t need to worry about file updates or patch management, as it is all done behind the scenes.

5. Backup and Disaster Recovery

Univerge Blue goes the extra mile when it comes to business continuity and crisis response. Even if the worst happens – not likely given the system’s end-to-end strong encryption and robust two-factor authentication – you will be back in business in no time thanks to automatic backups.

Univerge Blue Backup supports instant file restoration to any previous version in just one click. You can customize the recovery points to meet your regulatory or operational needs. It’s even possible to optimize the amount you pay for storage, with fixed or variable storage options to choose from.

All functionality is built on NEC’s remarkably advanced cloud technology. The NEC cloud network uses Iron Mountain data centers, including Northern Virginia’s VA1 and Western Pennsylvania’s WPA1 – among the most secure and energy-efficient data centers anywhere in the world.

Get Your Univerge Blue from the Largest NEC Triple Diamond Dealer in Florida

At Atlantic Communications Team, we may not have been around since 1899, but we have followed the progress of modern network technology from vacuum tubes and copper wiring to today’s fiber optics and Voice Over IP (VoIP). We know a thing or two about enterprise phone systems.

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