Internet Speeds Are Slowing Nationwide: Time For High Speed Internet With T1

With more people at home, internet service providers (ISPs) have absorbed greater demand for high speed internet. This demand is causing service to slow down in many parts of the nation.
All internet relies on limited transmission capacity. This capacity, called bandwidth, is based on the underlying hardware and connections that facilitate the network.

Each network has its own allocation of bandwidth based on its technologies. It’s easy to see this in your own office: If your Local Area Network (LAN) is optimized for five users, bringing 10 users online will reduce speed for everyone due to bandwidth limitations.

Within your own network, there are many things you can do to optimize the use of bandwidth:

  • Dedicating special network hardware or “segments” to high-value services and users
  • Using network monitoring to stop access to bandwidth-hogging websites like YouTube
  • Protecting your network from computer viruses and the junk traffic they can generate

In the long run, however, each of these techniques is only part of the puzzle. If you do not have a high speed internet connection in your office, you will struggle with lower maximum data transfer speeds and a more limited reservoir of bandwidth.

The T1: Taking Control Of Your High Speed Internet
Do you have a contract with a local ISP? If so, you are relying on that ISP’s service delivery – and its priorities. When internet traffic goes up in your community, your own important data traffic can get squeezed out. That’s true even within your own office.

It’s an especially serious problem here in Central Florida. Many Central Florida communities don’t have the robust network connections or peak speeds you may see visiting the coast.

The solution: A T1 line for your business.

A T1 line provides data service at exceptional speeds. It can also be optimized to provide voice service. If you use it this way, it can be patched directly into your business phone system to enhance the system’s features and expand its capacity.

The raw speed of a T1 line isn’t its only benefit.

Consider these advantages:

1. Efficient Allocation Of Bandwidth
With your own T1, you can rest assured that your bandwidth isn’t being siphoned off by uses unrelated to your business. You will have access to the full capacity of your high speed internet. That means you can achieve industry-leading speeds even at peak usage.

2. Greater Opportunities For Data Security
Your in-house T1 line is compatible with a wide range of data security services, software, and products. Implementing a T1 means taking more control over the access point between your office and the wider internet, so you can keep your business even safer.

3. Superior Performance That Grows With You
Rolling out T1 means giving your business extra capacity to grow on. Even if you expand your team or the number of rooms covered by your network, you’ll still have potential for excellent speeds. Experienced network installation technicians can help you get the most of every connection.

4. The Ideal Setup For Cloud Networking
Cloud networking means putting key applications, like productivity apps, on a distributed external network. Your cloud provider takes care of security and ensures these program are always up to date, but high speed internet is crucial to truly seamless performance.

Atlantic Communications Team will equip you with high speed internet you can rely on. To learn more, contact us.