IT Solutions For Your Worst-Case Business Scenarios

Especially here in Florida, businesses need to be prepared for the unexpected. For enterprises that rely on information technology, that usually comes in the form of a formal crisis response and recovery plan. There are several situations where you could find yourself working to maintain operations after the unexpected:
1. Data Breach
Businesses of all sizes need to prepare for the possibility of a data breach. If confidential data falls into the wrong hands, it’s crucial to identify the security vulnerability and fix it. Proactive network security monitoring ensures issues are caught as soon as possible.

2. Natural Disaster
With increasingly active Atlantic hurricane seasons, all Florida businesses should be ready for the disruptive effects of wind and rain. Even Central Florida, which has usually been spared from a direct hit, is not immune to power outages and other problems.

3. Executive Succession
Changing of the guard at the highest levels can cause ripple effects throughout the organization. That’s true of figures like the CEO as well as the CIO and others who deliver technology services. A good plan must unify technology and strategy.

4. Public Relations Issue
PR problems can arise for all kinds of reasons. IT solutions can play a role in getting your side of the story to the public and other stakeholders. Naturally, IT is also there to support your analysis of what happened and help you get to a higher operational level.

Making Sure Your Business Is Ready For Anything With IT Solutions
It’s impossible to prepare for everything that could happen, but the right technology gets you close. By deploying appropriate services in your network, you can strike the balance: Ready for the future, but focused on the present.

At Atlantic Communications Team, we recommend the following:

1. Data Backup and Recovery
Many emergencies result in losing access to critical data: Hardware could be damaged, for example, or files encrypted or deleted in a hacking attack. With a structured approach to backup and recovery, you’ll never find yourself having to negotiate for access to your own mission critical information!

2. Anti-Virus Protection
It’s no exaggeration to say that thousands of new viruses appear for the first time every month. A novel virus can spread through a corporate network in minutes. To defend yourself against these “Day Zero” threats, antivirus should be coupled with automated patch management.

3. Email Management
Email plays two roles in a crisis. First, it’s one of the most valuable ways to communicate with everyone who might be affected. Second, it’s a threat vector that can be used to spread viruses or misinformation. Filtering reduces the threat and makes email a more efficient tool.

4. Cloud Computing
Cloud computing can be used to decentralize critical applications and data. This makes it harder for rogue actors to compromise data and easier for you to regain access to services you need. For best results, plan out your cloud computing strategy with your managed IT vendor in advance.

5. Server And Networking Solutions
When news breaks of a serious issue within your business, it’s likely you’ll see a spike in server activity. Unusual demands can easily bring your whole system down. Putting the right server and networking solutions in place early on ensures your network is resilient.

The best way to prepare for any emergency is to start long before it happens. Contact us at Atlantic Communications Team for the expertise you need to excel.