IT Solutions To Make The Most Of Your Network

In this age of constant communication, your network is the backbone of your business operations. It allows you to quickly share information with colleagues, backup important documents to the clouds, check emails, and advertise your services to the world.
All of this power doesn’t come without a price, however, as any disruptions in your network can lead to huge productivity losses. You’re also opened up to malicious entities who can sabotage your network or attempt to steal sensitive information.

The positives generally outweigh the negatives and networking is no longer considered “optional” for most businesses, but making the most of your network while keeping your business safe and secure requires careful consideration and the right IT solutions. Here are a few examples of solutions that help you make the most of your network.

WiFi Networking
WiFi networking provides internet connectivity from a central wireless router. Adding wireless networking capabilities to your office can offer a number of advantages over traditional wired connections. It’s cheaper to install, easier to troubleshoot, and allows you to access the network on any internet enabled device. It’s also more scalable. Typically businesses today will use a hybrid wired/wireless network that maintains the flexibility of wireless while minimizing the added security risk.

Almost anytime you connect to a network you are exposing yourself to some risk, and when you work with sensitive data the risk is amplified greatly. That’s why it’s recommended that every business, no matter how small, install a firewall. A proper firewall for business use won’t just alert you to suspicious activity that’s already happening, it will stop any and all suspicious actions well before they reach your network.

Web Traffic Monitoring
With web traffic monitoring you’re able to analyze the web traffic that moves through your network. Suspicious activity can be automatically flagged and the source removed from the network, allowing you a high level of control over who uses your network. This type of technology can also be used for purposes other than security. If you have a website it pays to know who is visiting, where they come from and how long they’re staying. These analytics allow you to tailor the experience for maximum user retention.

Email Filtering
These days you have to be constantly connected to your email accounts and it can be frustrating to have to search through a mountain of spam to find the important messages. Not only are spam messages an annoying productivity killer, they can also be a security risk. What happens when an employee clicks on a spam email link? In the worst cases, it could compromise the entire network. An email filter will intelligently filter out spam messages These services typically have a very low false positive rate, so you don’t have to worry about it mistakenly filtering out important messages.

If you’re running an outdated network without basic features like firewalls, email filtering, web traffic monitoring you’re playing with fire. That’s why it pays off to have a partner who can provide your business with these essential networking IT solutions.

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