Maximize Use of Your Office Phone System for Optimal Results

Many business tools have to effectively serve both employees and customers. When customers can’t easily reach you or otherwise experience troubles accomplishing what they want to do, they can easily become frustrated. When this happens, they’ll find a new company with which to do business.
Your office phone system can turn negative views into positive customer experiences and streamline your business operations, by addressing these common customer complaints:

Confusing Menus
There’s a reason why many customers choose to just hit ‘0’ for operator rather than navigate through a phone menu, and it’s not all about being impatient. If your menu doesn’t address their specific question or is the very last item mentioned, they become frustrated. This feeling is enhanced when they are already in a state of stress or upset.

Menus are best left at just a few options, followed by the option to contact an operator. Many companies also choose to direct customers to their websites, where remote support is available.

Allowing customers to leave messages and be contacted when staff is available to address their problem is also a good way to maintain excellent client relations. This way, they can detail the issue in their own terms, rather than become frustrated by having to think about what pre-determined category their question or concern falls under.

Annoying Hold Music and Advertising
There are times when other duties require customers to be placed on brief holds. This time is best used to offer valuable insight and information into your company. When possible, this information should be regularly updated, so as to avoid a circumstance where the customer is subject to the same material over and again.

In addition, advertising often puts off customers — especially those who are already experiencing problems. Rather than this, you should offer basic troubleshooting solutions, or even mention videos and tutorials that are feathered on your company’s website.

Assurance that “Your Call Is Important to Us”
This has become a cliche and even a joke among many customers. While you’re unavailable to answer calls, there should be a better indication that the questions and concerns will be quickly addressed. A robust office phone system can resolve these and other complications.

For instance, by using call forwarding, you can connect customers with employees located anywhere (in the field, in a different time zone). This virtually eliminates the need for having to place customers on hold, since any available and qualified agent can handle the call.

There are times when more research or data collection is necessary to accurately resolve the issue. Offering customers the option to be called back demonstrates that you value their time. To go one step further, you should consider allowing customer to choose a time within business hours to be called back. This prevents them from having to be “on call” throughout the day.

Your office phone system can be a tremendous asset to your company when used to its maximum potential. Contact us today to get started. With more than 30 years of experience serving Central Florida businesses, we’re experts in communication solutions.