Modern Hospitals Need A State Of The Art Office Phone System

Experts in hospital performance talk a lot about the concept of wayfinding. Wayfinding is the entire process by which patients determine where they need to go and how they get there. In a facility that stretches across millions of square feet, wayfinding is important. A delay can be dangerous to a patient. A poorly planned space could add millions of dollars in inefficiencies.
Wayfinding mainly applies to the physical aspects of getting from Point A to Point B: Planning a route and executing it. But finding one’s way on the hospital phone system is just as crucial.

How do you know your office phone system is up to the task?

To add value in healthcare, the office phone system needs these traits:

  • The ability to deliver crisp, clear voice quality even at peak usage times
  • Robust scalability and failover that guards the system from going down
  • Recording and analytics features that tie into your compliance efforts
  • Straightforward call routing and self-service, including easy voicemail

Physical wayfinding cues also matter, of course.

Smaller practices and specialized departments can benefit from facial recognition in their check-in procedure. This is the ultimate solution for managing secure access to areas like laboratories. It also helps preserve patient privacy and confidentiality in shared spaces.

All in all, however, updates to your phone system will produce the best efficiency gains.

4 Features A Healthcare Office Phone System Must Have In 2020

1. Complete Unified Messaging And Voicemail
Unified Messaging is voicemail for the new decade. This centralized system brings together team members at different facilities as well as those working remotely. Callers can easily find the resources they need and perform a variety of self-service tasks without staff intervention. It’s also easy for your personnel to manage and direct incoming calls and share voicemail messages.

2. Enterprise Grade “Total Call Control”
Hosted and voice over IP (VoIP) solutions are the key to supporting your continued growth. These crystal clear, highly reliable systems protect your patients and other stakeholders from poor call quality or dropped calls. Using cloud-based technology, they can expand indefinitely. Dozens of facilities can be empowered with telepresence, messaging, and conferencing.

3. Call Recording
Call recording is a key element of compliance for many healthcare enterprises. Recording will help you train new personnel, reduce time spent on calls, and accelerate issue resolution. A built-in solution enables you to perform call recording in an easy, transparent way that meets the legal standards of different jurisdictions. You can also retain the data you collect safely and securely.

4. Call Reporting And Analytics
Complete call analytics will enable you to document and raise your performance metrics. Data collection and analysis bring areas for improvement into focus, letting you align your whole team with the latest healthcare best practices. Comprehensive data leads to informed business decisions – you can reduce costs and mitigate the impact of patient complaints.

Don’t Let Your Office Telephone System Be The Weak Link In Patient Care
Modern business phone systems can deliver all these features and much more. With help from Atlantic Communications Team, they can be installed or upgraded without disrupting your day to day operations.

From a one-person therapeutic practice to a hospital with hundreds of physicians, everyone relies on a phone that performs as expected. With us, you’ll have one that exceeds the norm.

To find out more or get started, contact us.