New And Upcoming Phone System Technology

We live in an exciting time, where technology is always changing and new products are consistently being made available. Staying on top of these trends will help ensure your business phone system is always providing the very best available service for your customers and clients.
According to a 2017 Zendesk study, people rely on being able to quickly reach the companies they do business with. The study found that, even when they send an email message, 71 percent of customers follow up their questions and/or concerns with a telephone call.

That means you should be paying attention to the following trends:

1. Dual-System Technology
Why limit yourself to just one phone option? Services like Ooma Office connect landlines and mobile/home phones so you can keep in touch with clients and employees anytime, anywhere.

2. Increased Cloud Dependency
Put the cloud to work for you. More and more businesses are moving toward voice-over IP (VoIP) and hosted solutions. These systems offer versatility in terms of calling features, collaboration tools, and mobile integration.

3. Streamline Call Centers
Having two different business phone system options for call center customers and office workers is confusing and expensive. Services like ShoreTel now offer solutions that cover all business calls – not just those made to the call center.

4. Ramping Up Remote Communication
Virtual business phone systems are idea for those businesses that have many remote employees, or are working with a limited budget and can’t yet afford a dedicated line for each worker.

5. Phone Systems Built to Scale
You need communication tools that can keep pace with your business growth. Cloud-based systems such as Nextiva enable you to use the same service across multiple sites.

6. Business App Integration
More and more companies are searching for ways to optimize their current systems. This includes integration with business-integral applications like customer service management (CRM) tools. Linking tools gives you a better overall picture of how communication affects customer satisfaction and worker productivity.

In a business landscape the increasingly depends on technology for streamlined operations and improved customer service, it’s important that you are willing and able to change with the times. Learn about new systems that might be better for your business than your current tools. Stay on top of industry news and trends to ensure you’re providing the very best service to your customers and clients. Learn how Atlantic Communications Team can help streamline your business phone system technology starting today!