PC Support: Essential IT Solutions For Protecting Your Sensitive Data

Modern businesses rely on the best IT solutions to facilitate everything they do. In fact, strong IT solutions help small businesses grow more than virtually any other asset.

Although companies are more reliant on IT than ever, there are still some serious misconceptions about it. Misunderstandings around which IT solutions are most important can leave your business vulnerable to major issues – including attacks by hackers.

PC Support: Your First Defense Against Cybercrime
Protecting your vital assets against hackers starts at the beginning: With your company’s PCs.
No matter whether your team members use traditional desktops, laptops, or other mobile devices, each of these machines introduces a tremendous amount of vulnerability into your network.

Hardware not only has to deliver all the expected services to users, but also prevent intrusion by bad actors. Every piece of software and every interaction could compromise your system.
Professional PC support helps mitigate the risk in a variety of ways:

1. Virus And Malware Protection
New viruses develop every day. The most powerful can spread through thousands of computer systems in minutes. Every PC and other “network endpoint” throughout a company needs to have the latest antivirus protection. To make that protection really count, an automated system must apply the latest software updates and patches as soon as they become available.

2. Web Traffic Monitoring
The traditional approach to IT solutions dictates the firewall be your biggest security investment. This software monitors all incoming (and often, outgoing) Web traffic to detect harmful traffic. However, threats have evolved: Traffic within your enterprise can also cause issues, so business leaders should consider the most sophisticated monitoring options.

3. Spam Email Filtering
Many IT security issues are ultimately the product of human error. “Spam” email can appear to originate from a valid authority, and employees can be fooled into volunteering passwords and other sensitive information. It’s much better if this email never arrives in the first place: Today’s full suite of IT solutions should include spam email filtering for all company email accounts.

4. Wi-Fi Network Defense
If your business has a reception area, the public is close enough to access your network. Even if there’s a “public partition” that keeps high-value data separated, a hacker can easily infiltrate one by starting in the other. Proactive Wi-Fi network defense verifies all employee devices are using IT security tools and immediately cuts network access if suspicious traffic comes from a device.

5. Data Recovery
Despite everyone’s best efforts, a device might succumb to a virus. When this happens, it’s vital to get it off the network right away – but that doesn’t mean data can’t be recovered. In many cases, hardware can be cleaned and returned to service. That said, it’s always best to have a robust system of data backups to make sure you never lose access to your files.

In today’s technology landscape, the best IT solutions are within reach no matter the size of your business. However, many different tools need to work together to promote total data protection.

That requires a strategic approach to IT that integrates a wide range of automated software tools alongside the human know-how to understand how critical security mistakes can happen.
Atlantic Communications Team can evaluate your current computer systems and develop a suite of IT solutions tailored to reduce security risks, enhance productivity, and meet your budget.

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