Sound Masking Is Being Adopted In More High-Performance Work Environments

Sound masking is a versatile solution for ensuring speech confidentiality and improving efficiency. A sound masking system emits low-level noise that effectively dulls nearby conversations, reducing distractions.
The specialized acoustic masking systems used in office environments make it easier for teams to work in close quarters. Each person is empowered to focus completely on the tasks at hand.

Masking has been adopted enthusiastically by businesses where privacy is a key concern. Many law firms and accountancies use some form of masking in their offices and lobbies.

Now, however, even more businesses are adopting masking systems to help them deliver world-class services. That includes hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and much more: Institutions that depend on a reputation for excellence to maintain trust with their customers.

Industry-leading companies are learning the facts on acoustic masking:

  • It can produce team-wide increases in productivity that make a long-term difference
  • It is often the least expensive, most effective way to limit ambient noise distractions
  • It shows true attention to detail that can help leaders foster a culture of excellence

The biggest drivers of the new trend include:

1. Hospitals And Clinics
Hospitals make a great argument for sound masking in businesses that serve the public directly. Masking can contribute to acoustically neutral spaces that are easier to navigate. The system also raises speech privacy in confidential moments, such as during consultations. It may be the key to stopping “phantom” HIPAA violations that are difficult to prevent otherwise.

2. Government Agencies
From major agencies to political campaigns, government entities are taking a close look at sound masking. Many agencies have specific standards that prohibit sharing of information about the private citizens who interact with them. Masking makes it more difficult for information to be accidentally overhead while ensuring the comfort of those in the work environment.

3. Architects And Designers
Architects have discovered masking can help them solve tricky design puzzles. It may be used to strengthen acoustic performance without sacrificing the proposed aesthetics of a design. An acoustic masking system is a modest investment compared to the many millions of dollars it might take to revise or rebuild part of an entire structure.

4. General Contractors
Contractors can also raise project efficiency through masking. It can be a suitable alternative to additional drywall layers, plenum barriers, and insulation. Installing a masking system only takes a few days in comparison to the weeks that may be necessary to enhance insulation throughout the parts of a building where sensitive work is done.

5. Hotels And Resorts
Nothing frustrates hotel guests like the feeling they have been invited to listen to conversation in an adjoining room all night long. Yet, most guests won’t complain: They’ll simply tough it out and then leave a negative review. Acoustic masking contributes to privacy in rooms, conference areas, and even in the lobby – making a positive experience more likely.

6. Your Business?
No matter what industry you’re in, odds are good your enterprise will benefit from sound masking. Atlantic Communications Team can empower you with a customized masking system that meets your needs with minimal maintenance. Our systems will help you boost productivity and reach your business goals.

Along with access control and surveillance, sound masking is another way to make your structure work better for you. Contact Atlantic Communications Team today to learn more about sound masking and whether it’s right for your needs.