Stop Spam In Its Tracks With Business-Class IT Solutions

Spam is one of the biggest inconveniences of the modern world. For businesses, it can be even worse. Consider these mind-boggling statistics: About 14.5 billion spam emails are sent every single day. Spam email accounts for 45% of all email sent in a day. That means there’s nearly enough spam email for everyone on Earth to receive one message every day.
What happens when you add other forms of problem email to the mix? Well over half of all email traffic is problematic in some way: It’s meant to waste time, scam you, or exploit you.

That’s an intimidating thought. And it makes things harder for the millions of business pros who receive dozens of legitimate emails daily. Your high speed internet is wasted on a nuisance!

How can you get to the coveted “inbox zero” if someone is always pelting you with spam?

It’s a perennial problem – and it is only getting bigger.

Businesses Are Attractive Targets For Spam And Other Malicious Emails
Most spam emails take the form of an advance fee scam. The scammer promises the victim a large sum of money, but makes up “administrative fees” that must be paid. When the victim forwards the money, often by wire transfer, the scammer disappears.

You might think that no one in your enterprise would waste their time with something like this. However, spam email received at one’s business email address is often seen as more persuasive.

Plus, there are other kinds of problem email that are even more dangerous.

Over the last few years, there has been a huge spike in phishing emails. Phishing is an attack where a forged email message appears to be important and official. It might seem to come from the CEO of the company, the FBI, or even an employee’s own supervisor.

In the phishing email, the victim is asked to submit confidential information, typically a password, which can then be used to attack the business. Another form of this scam involves sending an email with an unsolicited file attachment passed off as a resume.

Once the file has been downloaded, it can infect the target computer in various ways. Recently, this has led to “ransomware” attacks where critical business files are encrypted. The company is forced to pay hundreds or thousands, typically in Bitcoin, to restore access to its data.

Cutting-Edge Email Filtering Stops Spam Email In Its Tracks
No matter how you look at it, malicious email is no longer child’s play.

Luckily, IT solutions are available that can help your enterprise keep inboxes cleaner.

Top software developers have spent years looking for IT solutions sophisticated enough to find spam email and stop it in its tracks. Now, with modern artificial intelligence, it’s finally possible.

Modern spam filtering doesn’t just look at the words in individual emails.

It can also:

  • Block deceptive domains and senders based on their message pattern “footprint.”
  • Detect and terminate dangerous email attachments using integrated anti-virus.
  • Communicate with perimeter defense (firewalls) about potential problem traffic.

No matter how savvy your employees are, the best way to stop spam email from harming your business is to prevent it from reaching its intended recipients. Now, IT solutions make it happen.

Even if your enterprise receives thousands of spam emails a day, Atlantic Communications Team can help you discover what a spam-free workplace looks like with our email filtering systems.

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