The Handy Guide to Enterprise Sound Masking

Are you considering sound masking for your business? Sound masking is an advanced technology that enhances productivity by relieving the workforce of distracting background noises. It is also called white noise masking.
It works by distributing discreet digital speakers throughout your premises. These emit a gentle white noise, almost always impossible to detect, which dulls higher frequencies of the most annoying workplace sounds – including ringing phones and water cooler chat.

If you are looking for a simple, cost-effective way to improve productivity in your business, you just can’t go wrong with sound masking. However, many business leaders haven’t heard of it and have many questions when they first find out about it.

Let’s cover some of the most important basics right now.

How is Sound Masking Implemented?
Professional technicians implement sound masking at your workplace by installing several digital speakers in strategic locations. The total number of speakers is judged by considerations like square footage and the layout of the space.

Are Digital Speakers Hard to Maintain?
For the most part, you won’t have to worry about caring for your speakers. They operate on their own, in the background, with no day-to-day input. If you need to make adjustments, you can call your vendor or make adjustments directly to the speaker settings.

When is White Noise Masking Helpful?
Masking sounds in the workplace is helpful in two situations:

  • Smaller, more compact offices where a large number of people work closely together.
  • Large offices where there is an open floor plan and a lot of movement or talking.

There are other situations where white noise masking is recommended, but it might be difficult to notice these at first. For example, if your building has especially poor acoustic qualities, then masking is a good idea. This can be the case in smaller loft-style offices, especially shared office space, which is more likely to be made of concrete and similar materials.

How Do I Know if I Need Masking?
The need for masking develops slowly over time rather than all at once. With that in mind, you should pay close attention to the mood of your workforce, particularly front-line personnel. If they feel like they can’t hear their own work or are often distracted, masking may help.

How Much Does Sound Masking Cost?
The cost of masking in any particular office is heavily dependent upon the square footage. Some planning is necessary to ensure you get the best possible effects from of this solution. That said, it is a relatively modest investment for growing businesses with very low continuing costs.

Will Digital Speakers Interfere With Other Equipment?
All modern electronic items can usually be trusted not to interfere with each other, so you have wide leeway in where your speakers are placed. That said, there are some exceptions. These range from the break room microwave to specialized heavy equipment of various kinds. When you decide on masking, we can ensure optimal placement so no issues arise in the future.

What Industries Use Masking?
Industries that use sound masking include healthcare offices, legal practices, financial services firms, engineering enterprises, and learning institutions like libraries. Of course, masking can be useful for any type of business depending on the situation.

Atlantic Communications Team has quickly and effectively rolled out white noise masking for all kinds of companies. To find out more or get started, contact us today.