The Many Benefits Of Sound Masking

Distractions are everywhere in an office, from the ringing of phones to the clacking of keyboards to the sound of conversations. While it would be nice if we could simply tune these distractions out at will, our brains just aren’t equipped to do that. Not without some outside help, in any case.
One way you can help limit distractions and focus employees is with a process known as sound masking. Here’s why you should seriously consider sound masking for your workplace.

What Is Sound Masking?
Sound masking, also called white noise masking, is the process of strategically adding gentle background noise to the workplace in order to increase speech privacy and mask distracting noises. This is done with a particular spectrum of sound that blends into the background and doesn’t distract workers. Essentially, it provides a uniform background noise that reduces the variation in sound volume around the office and frees workers from distractions.

Can I Install This Myself?
You’re right that it isn’t hard to play white noise over speakers, but in order for it to be effective there are many things you need to consider. The speakers need to be placed in strategic locations throughout the office in order to be effective. You also need to use the right spectrum of noise. Although it’s called white noise masking, static white noise is rarely used in practice. In order to find the right spectrum of sound, you need to measure the acoustics of the room.

As you can see, it’s not as simple as it first seems, and when this process is done improperly you’re more likely to annoy your employees than help them. That’s why it’s best to go with a professional installation.

What Are The Benefits?
There are many benefits of white noise masking including:

  • Increasing focus and productivity
  • Masking speech for greater privacy
  • Covering up distracting noises

The noise masking doesn’t completely cancel sound, rather it makes it blend into the background. It does much the same with human speech, causing it to be unintelligible at a certain distance. This keeps your employee’s conversations private and it also makes sure that employees aren’t disturbed when other employees are chatting or making phone calls. The spectrum of noise used has also been shown to have some therapeutic benefits, reducing stress and increasing focus.

Is It Expensive?
White noise masking is actually very cost-effective. Installation is generally quick and easy, the room is analyzed for its acoustic qualities and then speakers are installed at strategic locations. Upkeep after installation is also minimal. The speakers used are generally high-quality and require little maintenance. The costs are far outweighed by the many benefits.

Would It Benefit My Office?
Most offices would benefit from white noise masking. In fact, many would say that noises and distractions are common to all workplaces. Sound masking is used in hospitals, offices of all size, government buildings, law offices, and even military bases.

At Atlantic Communications our team has decades of experience providing sound masking for a variety of businesses. Please, contact us today to learn more or to get a personalized quote for your business.