The NEC SV9100 PBX Sets The Gold Standard For A Business Phone System

The NEC SV9100 PBX Sets The Gold Standard For A Business Phone System

When you are looking for a new business phone system, it makes sense to focus on finding the very best.

A modern business phone system can offer you many features the old-fashioned systems of yore cannot. The right selection isn’t just about convenience, but equipping you with exciting new capabilities. When you implement a best-in-class business phone system, you have the potential to skyrocket productivity for the members of your team that rely on their phones. Whether you have a busy help desk, an outbound call center, or a large field sales team, their results always go back to your phone system quality.

Here in Central Florida, the decision to replace a business phone system usually arises after a sharp uptick in complaints. Customers may get dropped from calls, suffer low call quality, or end up stuck in a loop because the existing Interactive Voice Response system is insufficient to meet their needs. Whatever the case, it is a mistake to look at your new phone technology as nothing but a cost center.

On the contrary, telecommunications is an investment that can pay major dividends. If you have not updated your company’s phone system in ten years or more, it makes sense to examine your options in detail.

Here in Central Florida, that is especially important. Call quality and reliability in the Sunshine State have gone up a great deal in the last several years. However, you would not know this if your business phone system is not equipped to handle it. Just like television went digital back in 2009, your phone also needs to move with the times to take advantage of infrastructural improvements.

If your phone system dates back that far – or further – you don’t have to be stuck with a relic of the past. The NEC SV9100 PBX is the best way for your enterprise to embrace the future.

To Capture The Greatest Efficiency, Your Company Needs Its Own IP PBX

“PBX,” standing for Private Branch Exchange, is a term you may already have heard. In fact, the underlying technology of most business phone systems has been called PBX for a long time. It is simply a term for a central switching system that conveniently routes telephone traffic within an organization.

The original approach to PBX facilitated shared access to limited telecommunications resources. With it, a small pool of phone lines and phone numbers could be shared across a large fleet of stations. For many years, electronic PBX technology used call routing principles very similar to those of old-fashioned switchboards. Your older business telephone system probably behaves the same way.

That was adequate for a long time. But as businesses grow and scale, they inevitably face capacity and quality problems. Most of these issues are caused by the underlying way the system handles traffic. That means changing your configuration or getting an all-new phone setup won’t help unless you also take an all-new approach to the way your telephone resources are designed and deployed.

With IP PBX, that updated vision has finally arrived. The last decade has seen a seismic shift away from conventional telephone configurations that carry voice over copper wires. Instead, more and more businesses are embracing voice over IP (“VoIP”), a strategy that enables voice communications to be transmitted over the same broadband connections as other digital data.

Businesses know they can’t compete in today’s market if they don’t have high-speed internet. The idea of using a dial-up modem for enterprise connectivity would leave any executive aghast. Yet, when it comes to their phone, some are doing essentially the same thing without realizing it.

An IP PBX completely changes the game. And there is one brand that stands out above the rest when it comes to a fast, robust, and scalable implementation that will grow with your business: NEC and its SV9100 PBX.

The NEC SV9100 PBX Is The Best IP PBX Business Telephone System On The Market

NEC is a recognized leader in business technology that has been trusted by Fortune 100 brands all around the world. Its Univerge SV9100 unified communications solution is tailor-made for small and mid-sized enterprises with up to 896 users. With a sophisticated, intelligent design, it is built for excellence through and through.

Voice, video, and collaboration come together with a fully secure suite of software solutions ready to empower you on the very first day. Unlike some business phone systems, the SV9100 is designed with user interfaces that make it simple and intuitive. Personnel at any level of your organization can quickly use it to the utmost.

Here are some of the key features that make it so effective:

1. SV9100 Makes You 100% VoIP Ready

With its unique multi-carrier SIP support, the NEC SV9100 can be utilized for both VoIP and traditional voice support. Even if you choose to use a combination of VoIP and standard voice, you will still benefit from a totally re-imagined take on-call routing that gives you greater speed, security, and resilience.

2. SV9100 Delivers Best-In-Class Apps

The effectiveness of your business phone system can be undermined significantly if your team members are still cobbling together ad-hoc solutions, from many different software programs, to make it all work. NEC SV9100 has world-class apps baked right in, including one-click video conferencing that’s easier than ever.

3. SV9100 Gives You True Mobility

In the era of “Bring Your Own Device,” you want to be sure your business phone system supports a fast-moving, highly distributed workforce. NEC stands for mobility that works right out of the box. You can easily provision, monitor, administrate, and terminate user permissions as your workforce changes.

4. SV9100 Is A Single Solution For Multiple Challenges

The rack stackable chassis of the SV9100 system, combined with its modular infrastructure, ensures you can expand it according to your technology strategy – all without adding complexity or confusion for your phone’s end users. It supports server functions, media gateways, and even media converters within a single unit.

5. SV9100 Is Future-Proof And Efficient

NEC Is head and shoulders above other Unified Communications vendors in customer satisfaction enhancement. It has proven its outstanding ability to engineer systems that stand the test of time and work well with a diverse, multi-generational workforce. Its products are extensible and promise a low cost of ownership.

Atlantic Communications Team Is Florida’s Largest NEC Triple Diamond Dealer

At Atlantic Communications Team, we have helped companies all throughout Central Florida streamline their business phone system and establish a smart workplace that fuels competitive advantages. An NEC business telephone solution gives you speed, efficiency, and convenience that will transform the way you work.

Getting the most from your business phone system starts with quality installation from a vendor you can trust. Atlantic Communications Team is committed to understanding your needs and crafting a business phone system that will exceed your expectations – now and for many more years to come.

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