The Right Business Phone System Means “Better Than Perfect” Customer Care

A call to your business is the “moment of truth” for your customer care. When someone calls you, one of two things is most likely to happen: their problem gets solved and they see how seriously you take their needs, or, they have a slow, frustrating, error-wrought call and go away aggravated. No product, person, or team is perfect. Customers will have occasional questions or complaints. Handling those calls well distinguishes the superior brands from all the average ones out there.
And you don’t want to be average – you want to be extraordinary.

When customers remember how well you handled their issue, it’s better than being “perfect” every time. They feel heard and understood, which makes them more likely to stick with you in the long run.

A robust business phone system is the essential piece of the puzzle.

A Modern Business Phone System Provides The Tools To Exceed Expectations
When someone calls in to your business, you only have seconds to make a great first impression. That needs to carry the customer through wait time and any setbacks!

Customers won’t believe “your call is very important to us” unless you show them it’s true in multiple ways. Here’s how to make the process easier and help customers feel confident about calling:

1. Simplify And Streamline Your Voicemail Tree
An effective voicemail tree should be optimized for customer convenience. That means keeping each “branch” to the minimum number of options and ensuring they are useful. Empower your callers with the option to leave a voicemail message early on. That way, a representative can return the call as volume permits and the customer needn’t wait at all.

2. Make Waiting Less Annoying And More Valuable
Don’t assume customers will tune out or do other tasks while they wait for a representative. Many are nervous about missing your response and having to start all over. Provide a positive distraction with relaxing hold music or tasteful advertising. Avoid any “hard sell” tactics. Just remind customers about the products and services that might help them.

3. Keep Calls From Getting Lost Or Misdirected
As your company grows, your call volume will, too. Lots of companies experience high call volume as a bottleneck. Routing calls efficiently will keep customers from lingering on your phone system and give them greater satisfaction. Automatic call distribution ensures calls get answered. Remember, customer satisfaction starts to slide on the third ring!

4. Record Calls For Superior Follow-Up
When the caller hangs up, is it over and done with? These days, top-ranked businesses are improving their customer care through proactive follow-up. Think of it this way: If customers never call back, are they satisfied or fed up? When you record calls, you can streamline the follow-up process and truly show that the customer relationship matters.

5. Constantly Improve Your Customer Care Efforts
There’s always something you can do to improve. Ongoing growth is the hallmark of success, and the key to making anything work better is data. Call reporting analytics can turn your customer care representatives into a team that’s always striving to excel. With clear metrics, you’ll know what needs to be improved, how to get there, and who has shown the most progress.

A business phone system is the key that ties your customer service goals together. To get started with the best systems on the market today, contact Atlantic Communications Team.