These Solutions Can Help You Make The Most Of Your IT Infrastructure

If you want your business performing at its best, you need to make good use of your IT infrastructure. But that’s easier said than done. Here’s what you should know about the IT solutions available to your business.
PC Support
You shouldn’t overlook PC support. It’s a broad and fairly simple category of solutions, but they are all essential to keep your operation running smoothly. What is PC support exactly? It covers everything from:

  • Procuring and deploying workstations
  • Updating hardware and software
  • Repairing broken machines
  • Removing virus and malware
  • Improving the speed of existing computers

This all sounds simple enough, but when all of this is taken together it can be tough for small and medium-sized businesses to manage. Do you really need a full-time team dedicated to these tasks? If you’re a big corporation with hundreds or thousands of workstations this can make sense. Otherwise, the answer is probably no. Your alternative is finding an IT solutions expert who can assist you with the basic — but also essential — task of PC support.

As a modern business, you’d have difficulty functioning without the internet. You rely on it for so many things. Support. Communication. Order processing. Research. Your network is perhaps the most important asset you have. An IT solutions provider can help you make the most of your network by assisting you with setup, deploying your servers, managing your firewalls and network security, and ensuring that you have the optimal internet connection for your needs. Sure, you could do this all yourself, but it’s a lot to deal with and you will probably get suboptimal results. While you probably know a bit about the basics of networking, you want the person managing your network to be a certified expert.

Cloud Computing
If your business isn’t taking full advantage of the cloud then you’re missing out. Cloud computing allows businesses of all sizes to easily backup and recover important files, share information with colleagues, and collect/analyze information to improve your business operations. And those are just the most basic uses. An IT solutions provider can help you find the cloud applications that best fit your needs and then assist you in implementing them.

Managed Services
Managed services is a very hands-on solution that helps you improve your operations while minimizing your costs. With managed services your provider will assist you in:

  • Monitoring your PC
  • Supporting your programs and hardware
  • Backing up and recovering data
  • Archiving emails
  • Managing mobile devices

among other things. What exactly you get with managed services will vary from provider to provider and some will really go the extra mile for you.

Finding An Expert Who Can Help
Needless to say, it’s important to choose the right solutions provider. You want someone flexible, who can adapt to the unique needs of your business. Ideally, you also want someone who can be your go-to provider for everything. Working and developing a close relationship with one provider is much better than going to different places for each of your needs. The first step is reaching out.

At Atlantic Communications Team we offer full-service communications support to businesses in central Florida. We help businesses make the most of their information technology with a diverse array of IT solutions: from basic PC support to the latest in cloud technology. Please, contact us today to speak with one of our trusted representatives.