Unmasking Sound Masking: Things You Need To Know About Speech Privacy

There are a lot of misconceptions about what speech privacy is and how speech privacy solutions work. This is especially true when it comes to sound masking. The technology behind it is more complex than you may realize but it’s certainly not beyond your understanding. In fact, considering how important speech privacy is in the modern workplace it’s essential that you do understand it. So, here are a few things that you should know about sound masking.
It’s More Than Simple White Noise
This misconception is understandable, as sound masking is often referred to as “white noise” for the sake of simplicity. Everyone knows what white noise is after all. This approach often backfires. A common response is “That’s it? Why wouldn’t I just install it myself?” or “That sound useless.” And why wouldn’t you respond this way? If only it were that easy!

The reality is that pumping white noise through speakers would not be very effective at all. While most solutions do indeed work by pumping in background noise over speakers, the noise used is actually finely tuned to be in the same frequency spectrum as human speech. Were you to use actual white noise you would only succeed in annoying your employees. Amplified white noise is an extremely irritating sound.

Where you place the speakers is also very important, as the acoustical profile of every space is unique. The goal is to fill as much of the office with background noise as possible. Otherwise, you have employees walking in and out of bubbles of noise, which is just another distraction in itself. Pulling this off takes a lot of knowledge and experience with different spaces.

It’s Low Maintenance
While it may not be easy to install, it is easy to maintain. Most speech privacy solutions require little — if any — maintenance on your part. You may be responsible for turning the system on in the morning and off as you leave, but even that can be automated fairly easily. In addition, running into major issues is rare as the actual technology used is not all that complicated. The complicated part is the acoustical profiling and the initial setup. Most systems will run without a hitch, and in time you may even forget they’re there.

It Can Work Almost Anywhere
Another misconception is that only certain businesses can benefit from speech privacy technology. There are compelling reasons to look into this technology regardless of what industry you’re in or what kind of office you have. We’ve installed systems in hospitals, libraries, law offices, and even schools. You don’t have much to lose by looking into it, and studies show that employees really do respond well to sound masking.

The main takeaway here is that installing a sound masking system is more complicated than it appears at first glance. It’s certainly not a DIY type job. You should also know that businesses of all types can benefit by increasing speech privacy and removing distractions.

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